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If you are looking for information about black natural hair stylist in San Antonio Texas, then this article will be a great help to you. In this article, you will find tips on how to find stylists in this area, and resources that can help you do that. We will also review how to find a good stylist, and what to look for when choosing to have someone do your hair.

Natural black hair is well known for is rebel style. It has a reputation for being unruly or hard to manage. A popular word used to describe black hair is coarse. People with natural black hair know that it is important to visit a stylist with extensive knowledge about black hair. Otherwise, you may end up with a stylist that is doing more damage than good.

When looking for a salon to visit in San Antonio Texas, you will need to check the salons credentials. Most reputable hairstyles will be able to show you certifications that prove that have training in hairdressing. If they are unwilling to provide this proof of training or schooling, go somewhere else. If they do not have schooling then there is no point in paying them good money to have the same skill that you do.

A good hairdresser should be able to provide you with information about your hair as well. They should be able to fluently explain how best to maintain your hair. You should be able to go to them with all of your hair related questions, and receive a wide variety of information. They should be able to explain to identify your personal hair related needs, explain how to keep your hair healthy, which hairstyle would best suit your facial shape, and your facial features. Everyone’s hair is different and no two people have the same exactly hair needs.

Finding a stylist in your area does not have to be a headache. There are many resources that you can use to your advantage when looking for a salon. There are several reasons you might need to find a new salon. You may have moved to a new city or town, your old salon may have gone out of business, or you might just feel the need to switch for personal reasons. Let us assume you have switched towns, for this can be the most difficult situation to be in when looking for a salon.

You can look online to identify a salon in your area. You can also look in local newspapers because some business will post ads to attract new customers, and sometimes you can find new customer coupons as well. Your local phone book will provide you with useful information as well. Since many people rely on word of mouth to find new businesses, you can also keep your ear open for good chatter about a salon or stylist. However, if you have just moved you may not know many people in the area with whom to converse. If this is the case, you can most likely find a place such as a tourist agency that can help you find many different types of businesses.

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  • Do you have a salon in San Antonio, TX, is so where is it located? I just moved here in October and I’m in need of a great natural hair stylist. Please help me.


    Coretta L Campbell

  • I am also looking for a salon, I have found one online and the reviews look good. Harmoni Salon 1321 N Loop 1604 E Suite 101 San Antonio, TX 78232. Check out their website. Hope this helps.

  • I was so frustrated when I moved to San Antonio a few months ago. I really wish that black stylists/salons made more of an effort to advertise online as the stylists/salons that cater to white/hispanics do. Anyhow, I will leave a review of the two salons that I have been to, so that any ladies looking can maybe have an idea of places to start. The first salon I went to was Studio55; located in the Oasis Salon. I recommend that you visit Tiffany (the black hair stylist), only if you are looking for extensions/quickweaves and wigs. She will tell you that she does relaxers, but I would recommend that you look elsewhere for that service. I visited her several times (because I had no other alternatives at the time), and unfortunately she did not seem to know what she was doing, and I noticed that with every visit to her, and getting the same relaxer treatment, she started charging me more and more, till at last I decided that before she started charging me an arm and a leg for mediocre services I had better look elsewhere. I am sorry but, someone who does not have a fixed-rate for a basic service like a simple relaxer, wash and shampoo, is not a professional I trust. The next salon I decided to try, which was advertised online was the Harmoni Salon. It was everything the reviewers said and more. The stylists there did all the things this article mentioned, talk to you at length about your hair, styles that would best accentuate your facial features, and suggest natural products for hair maintenance. The only drawback is probably the prices, though given that a natural shampoo with a wash and flat iron is only $45, and a relaxer (utilizing natural ingredients I might add) is about $100, it is really worth it in my opinion. If you do decide to check out the Harmoni, Sharon handles the simple shampoo/wash combos, and Monica handles the Relaxers. Both ladies are very knowledgeable and will really take the time to listen to what you want to get out of your hair, and the services you are asking them to perform. And again, if you are just looking for extensions/weaves I would recommend Tiffany at the Studio55 in the Oasis Salon and spa. The address is 1826 N. Loop 1604 west 78248. Sorry for the long reply, and happy hair hunting!

  • I would have to agree with Shaela, the last poster, said in regards to the black stylist in San Antonio needing to utilize the web to advertise more. San Antonio is a growing city of “in-plants” or out-of-towners moving here from other cities and states, such as myself. The first thing I did when I moved here 3 years ago was search for black hair stylist in San Antonio and only about 4 or 5 people came up. This is so sad, when I know there are not that many black people that live here, there are still a great deal that will spend money to get their hair done by a professional. I first visited Tiffany at Studio55 in the Oasis, and like Shalea said, Tiffany is great for weaves and extenstions, but doing regular hair…not so much. She only knows how to do one style and that is it. Don’t even waste your time showing her a picture, because she will just revert back to her one-trick pony style of a flat wrap or old lady marcel set with no character on a short doo. I was very loyal to her, but her prices were ridiculous and continued to go up depending on her mood that day.

    I also tried Harmoni Salon, because at one time I wanted to go natural, but their prices were extremely too high. I visited Monica, and she was very nice and informative and I would love to go back to her but the prices and the fact that if you are trying to transition with short hair, she didn’t know how to style it, so I had to start doing my own hair.

    Living in a city where you don’t know anybody or where good quality stylist that wont rip you off are, is a very hard task to defeat here.

    So good luck if you just moved and please post here if you find a good stylist so we can patronize them!

  • Hi I’m new to San Antonio and I really need my loc’s fixed. Please help, lol

  • I am not sure about the other posts, but I have been in SA for over 10 years and only 2 ppl have done my hair and maintained its health. Not sure what you might be looking for in a “natural stylist” but the most important thing should be healthy hair. Tiffany Porter of Studio 55 does exactly that. No you can’t walk in bald headed and come out Beyonce! You can’t go in with damaged hair and split ends and walk out with the same length you started with. And you can’t go in wanting quality work and pay $25 or for a full weave even $100. At some point we black women need to stop tearing each other down and sending the wrong messages to our sisters! If you had a bad experience go back and deal directly with the stylist. Don’t post negativity! Tiffany and I have a great hair relationship- built on trust, understanding, reality and truth. I depend on my stylist to let me know what works best for my hair. If you can’t take the truth and you can’t wait until your hair is healthy then you are right Tiffany isn’t for you.
    Natural hair is healthy hair ladies! It doesn’t happen overnight. #teamstudio55

  • I moved to SA last October and I have been natural for about 2 yrs. I immediately started looking for a #1 Black hair stylist and #2 one the specialized in natural hair. The pickings were very slim. I have not tried the Harmoni Salon nor I have I been to Studio55. The first place I liked. Mane and Glory Hair Salon. A salon full of experience and they work wonders with natural hair. They are located at:

    4138 Naco-Perrin Blvd
    Ph: 210-654-7544

    Both myself and my 13 yr old daughter go there. We have extremely thick hair and by the time we walk out the door you can’t tell. I recommend giving them a try if you are still looking.
    Happy hair hunting.

  • I recently went to Headmasters to get my hair tapered and the guy did not know what he was doing. I even showed pictures of what I wanted my hair to look like. I know a lot of you have listed salons for weaves but what about natural hair styles for African American women? I am very disappointed with the lack of natural hair salons in San Antonio.


  • First of all I am just glad this website is up for discussion because finding a natural black hair stylist does seem hard around the san antonio, tx area. I actually have an appointment today at studio 55 with Ms. Tiffany. Price of service given to me , I feel is already too high. A sew in, boob cut should not be in my mind more then $200. However I am going to see what she has to say and do. The pictures of the website shows they are trying to be professional salon. Her work pictures I feel speak for themselves. She has talent. I feel she should be proud of her work. Reading some of these comments has me shaking my head and a ltitle anxious. There is nothing wrong with questioning the price of service, especially if the service is repeated exactly and the price is not set by the same stylist…UNLESS the stylist details before service a price change and why, sale whatever. Coming to a hair salon should be like coming to get your nails done. Simply stated. If 1/2 the comments are bringing up price you can say there are no real outliers (people being cheap). Price seems to be a concern. San antonio’s economy isn’t bad so we can say most are makin decent money to pay for services. Most people are actually decent regarding services and actually provide tips when service is done well and/or better. Having healthy hair should not cause you to be pocket broke. Eating healthy doesn’t, getting fit doesnt. I feel being cheap would be going to your neighbor next door who has no license. You will walk out not broke, but you might not like the ending product. That’s whay you get for being cheap. If you go and pay for a professional the ending product should be worth you going and spending. I will say we should support our community and the black businesses, however it appears the few saloons know there is not alot of black people in San Antonio, so they are capitalizing off the monopoly. They set the price as they see fit. It’s not professional to take advantage of the customer like that. While it may seem business wise, it’ll only last for so ling. You will have a customer who will not come back for service and they will spread the word. New competition will eventually hit. Area is growing and it’s surrounded by three military bases. Give it some more time. With all that, I hope my appointment goes well today. If it is worth it I’ll return.

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