Black People Ponytail Hairstyles

Ponytail hairstyles for black people have become popular over the years. Many people believe that ponytails are a basic hairstyle, and do not have many styling options. This is not true, there are several different ways that a ponytail and be incorporated into a hairstyle. This article will explain more about the hairstyle popularly known as a ponytail.

Ponytails have been a popular fashion throughout history. Which styles were popular changes depending on what point in history you are looking at. Side ponytails were very popular in the ninety’s, but are not seen as often in this generation of people. The favored style of ponytails varies depending on what culture of people you are studying as well.

There are many different styles of ponytails, but the construction of each one is the same. To create a single ponytail, brush all of the hair to one single place, and then secure with an elastic band. To create a side ponytail you would follow the same directions except you would pull hair together at the side of the head. When wearing two or more ponytails they become pigtails, and the instructions for creating these is the same as the other two explained before. In some places, pigtails have adopted the name bunches.

During the twentieth century, men expected women to wear their hair in elaborate styles. If a woman were going out, she would not have worn a ponytail. Considered an informal hairstyle, woman wore ponytails only in the privacy of their own home. However, ponytails have always been acceptable for school age girls. In fact, it is common to associate pigtails with students. Now-a-days woman wear ponytails in several different settings and occasions.

There is a very long history regarding men and ponytails as well. In the eighteenth century, it would have been uncommon to see a man who did not wear his hair long and tied back. Ponytails were a mandatory hairstyle for European armies until they changed their regulations and made short hair mandatory. Manchus mandated his men to wear waist length pigtails during his ruling of the Qing dynasty in china. Short hair in the nineteenth century caused ponytails to be impossible for men to wear, but this style came back into fashion in the nineteen sixties. Since then men have sported long hair for many reasons, one of the most popular was to boast their rebellious personalities.

In this generation, ponytails are a popular hairstyle for both men and woman. Men commonly wear their hair in a more basic ponytail while woman have an uncanny ability to invent new and exciting ways to wear their hair in a pony. One thing that has remained the same throughout history is the ponytails reputation for being an easy way to secure hair out of ones face.

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