Black tea hair dye

Black tea hair dye is a natural method of dying a person’s hair without exposing the hair to chemicals that can cause damage. Many commercial hair dyes contain very harsh chemicals, and these chemicals can ruin a person’s hair when used on a regular basis. Because many people have to re-dye their roots frequently, they have had to look for a more natural alternative. This article will focus on the safe and natural tea hair dye.

No type of hair is immune to the harsh effects of some chemicals in commercial hair dye.  These chemicals can cause hair to become dry because it damages the hair follicle by penetrating the hair shaft. When exposed to these chemicals repeatedly hair will because dull and will be susceptible to split ends and breakage.

Because so many people have become aware of the importance of keeping their hair healthy, they have searched for other safer methods of dyeing their hair. Researchers have found that plants can be a big help in this search. Many plants have amazing healing properties, and can actually cause hair to become stronger instead of weaker. For this reason, black tea dye is common among people who dye their hair commonly.

Dying your hair with this method is very simple. You would first boil some black tea in hot water. How much tea you would use depends on the thickness and length of your hair. You will want enough to cover your entire head so be sure to make enough. The mixture must be strong. Hair in then rinsed with this tea several times, around fifteen to twenty five times. In order to obtain the best results, you should use fresh tea each time. After the last rinse, wait about fifteen minutes before washing hair with warm water. Rinse hair until the water runs clean. For the best results, repeat the process weekly. Henna can help increase the effectiveness of the black tea as well.

This method is very easy, and nothing will damage your hair. The process will take about thirty minutes each time. The only thing that you should be aware of is the black tea will stain clothing and skin. When using this dye it is best to wear old clothes. To prevent the amount of stains on your skin, use petroleum jelly and gloves.

This method does not produce dramatic changes in the hair. It will darken your hair slightly but that it all. However, it is a perfectly natural method with no side effects to your hair. Therefore, even though it will not dramatically darken your hair, it will cause it to remain healthy.

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