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12 Steps Box Braids Hairstyle Tutorial

Box Braids Hairstyle Tutorial

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For the convenient and easy style to rock at the swimming pool or out and about around the town try this Box Braids Hairstyle Tutorial. Of course your first move is to head over to your local braider and get those thirsty roots braided up. Unless you are a DIY kinda of woman and you can take advantage of the Box Braids Tutorial yourself. (VIDEO)

Perfect Summer Vacation Box Braids Hairstyle Tutorial

If you are headed for some Summer Vacation places and don’t want to spend a bunch of time doing hair this is a serious option. Braids will give you much more time to enjoy the events and places you are engaged in.

1. Obtain an elastic hair band, classic size
2. Select braids in the front
3. Twist
4. Bring the backwards keeping the twisting
6. Retrieve wicks on each side of the head and gather with those twisted using the elastic to form a half ponytail all the 7 Attach.
8. Select two or three braids remained free on each side
9. Prepare to dress ponytail
10. Double knot to hold it
11. Drop strands of braids picture 11
12. And voila voila …

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