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Unlike Dallas or Fort Worth braiding austin tx is just a little bit slower so it may be harder to find a stylist that can really do you up that has a license. I would like to take the time to spotlight the smaller city with a hairstylist by the name of Nonye. If you are searching for a braiding specialist in Austin then consider her.

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  • Hello,
    I am interested in micro-braids…not too small. Can you give me a price? Also…my hair is starting to break oof because I was dying my hair…which I’ve stopped. Is it safe to have extensions iin your hair when it is fragile? Will the extensions break off my hair?

  • AYANNA!!!!! I know this is the oddest way to get in touch with you, but I’ve been looking for you for the better part of a year now. This will certainly do. It’s me, Mary, from Barton Ridge. I’m hoping that this is indeed you that I’m reaching out to. If not, I apologize, and if so, please contact me at I look forward to hearing from, what i think is, you!!

  • Hi there, this is an awesome website. I’m in Austin and you’re right its hard to find someone who can do designs and keep it clean and professional. Is there anyone out there that can help me? I’m natural and have about 4 inches of hair and I’m looking to keep it braided up at least for the summer. Im a visionary and I love different styles so if that’s you plz email me at

    Thank you!!!!


  • I been looing for some good braiders in austin as well. So far i’ve had to travel to killeen. I will say they did a decent job. I went to Nonye on three diffrent occassions and was not pleased on neither one.I wanted what i seen on the pictures and i did not get that. I’m still looking for someone that is affordable but professional. If you guys have anyone please email me.

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