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In our community, braiding hair ideas and secrets have been passed down in sleep overs across the world. With many design ideas, the art of braiding is a hair styling technique that will go on for years to come. Every little girl and her friends have either sat and tried to braid up each others hair at a sleep over or spent time combing and braiding there dolls hair. Well even today this is still the routine. I see my little girls doing it every day. All the way down to my oldest asking if she could practice braiding on my head. Oh yeah great for me right!

It doesn’t matter if you have long hair or short hair, anyone can wear braids, and yes that does include men. I’m sure you have seen some handsome men walking around in very nice and neatly done braided up hairdos. People have put all sorts of designs on the head thanks to the beauty of brainstorming different ideas. If your hair is short you can always add weave in it to make it longer if that is what you seek, or you could just be adding in some braiding hair to your cornrows so they will look less frizzy and last longer.

Women are even now wearing the sides of the hair braided straight up to make Mohawk hair do’s. Some people add colors to these Mohawk hair do’s which is very easy to do. All you have to do is buy a pack of what ever color braiding hair you want, and when you are braiding your hair just use the color hair on the braids in places that you want there to be color. This is a very nice way to add your own uniqueness to your hair do, and I will say that without a doubt every one that I have seen with color in there braids did look very unique. Some even have certain braids done over with color for the purpose of celebrating a special occasion.

As far as styles you also have full braids that are braided with regular synthetic braiding hair. They can be worn straight, but most people dip them in hot water which makes them curl up at the ends. This hairstyle is not worn to much any more by adults anyway. Kids however look very adorable in this particular braiding fashion.

New braiding hair ideas are being born from fresh minds with fresh new ideas on a daily basis. Keep a look out on heads while you are out and about. Also check with your local hair stylist. They usually carry the latest hair braiding magazines as well as know what the latest styles are.

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