Braids for Kids

braids for kids

Braids for kids is one of the most simple yet effective hairstyles you can administer for African American children. Not only does it help seal in moisture but it allows for less manipulation of their hair which helps with less breakage. Just make sure to keep the following in mind.

  • Don’t make them too tight
  • Don’t make them too thin
  • Don’t keep them in over two weeks (Varies depending on your child’s activity)

A Braids for Kids Stylist

Finding a hair stylist or a dedicated braids for kids salon is difficult. It’s not impossible. However, many salon owners cater to adult women. 90 percent of the time their clients exclude young girls under the age of 10. Many of the best hair braiders don’t even have a shop.

The hot designs you see on our Facebook Page are usually from a neighborhood stylist. Yes, a talented woman who braids the hair of children right out of her home. In the late 90’s this was a bit more of a concern. However, with the age of social media today it’s less of a worry. The help of Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and of course Thirsty Roots has exposed frauds.


kids-easter-braids-hairstyle kids-braids-yellow-ribbon kids-braids-ponytail braids-for-kids-pink-ribbon-hairstyle hairstyles-for-african-american-kids

If a braids for kids hairstylist is good you will hear about it within minutes of a picture posting. Recommendations and rave reviews follow behind that image shortly thereafter. Business remains good as money piles up in the bank. The flip side of this is stark in comparison. Timelines will be filled with negativity from bad hair braiders of children. It won’t be long before their bad practices are exposed. At Thirsty Roots we try to highlight the good hair braiding stylist for kids. Between our community and Facebook Page we have helped thousands of children and moms connect with great braids for kids stylist.

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  • Love the hairstyles.I have a daughter who gets her hair braided like that every week.Do you have a step by step on how to braid hair.Need to save that money and the hassel of getting someone to do it.Im 36 years old dont know how to comb hair or part straight.My daughter has long thick hair and been getting her hair braided since she was 2.Help please

  • Hello Ms. Tameka

    I have a client coming in tomorrow and will definitely make a tutorial for you.
    Thanks so much for the compliments.

    best regards
    Ms. Crystal

  • I love the styles as well. I try to braid my girls (Fraternal Twins)hair for the summer. It is so easy form me to keep up with as the run and play. My comment is for you Tameka, I am not a stylist and I don’t profess to be good at braiding. However, I learned by trial and error when they were about 2 or 3. I am determined to grow their hair naturally with out chemicals and very little heat at least until they hit puberty. So I would encourage you to save the money, strike out on your own if you can and try braiding it yourself using some of these styles or create your own. Have fun and God Speed to you.

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