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Braids For Men

Cornrows are the most popular Braids For Men. There are plenty of men braids hairstyles but cornrows are the oldest of the hair braiding form. Dreadlocks are also a very popular braiding hairstyle amongst men. When you mention braided hairstyles people think immediately of women, but a lot of men rock braids too.

Men braids are often worn to make a statement. When you see someone with braids in their hair and the various geometric shapes that the cornrows are usually designed in it often makes you take a second look. Men with long healthy hair have an array of braiding options to choose from. Options like long skinny plats that look like little pig tails or athletic styled braids that are very similar to cornrow designs and are made for those men who may have a very active and fast pace life.

Before you decide to run out and get the latest and most eye dropping braiding style find out if your hair is up to the stress. Braids that are worn for weeks at a time can give your head and your hair undesirable tension and irritation. Before braiding your hair you want to make sure it’s healthy and properly moisturized. To keep frizz down wrap your head before you get in the bed. The style style will last longer and remain fresh this way.

You should also take the time to carefully choose a good stylist who will put time and love into your hair. It is okay to ask men you see with nice healthy braids questions like where they got their hair braided. You should ask what’s done in taking care of their hair. Men Braids are becoming popular so if you decide to style your hair with a braided design just remember to choose something that looks good on you.

Braids for men come in a very wide range of styling and they are as unique as the person wearing them. The right style of braids could feel like a kings crown to a man. So men should take pride in their thirsty roots and honor the option of being able to have a hair style like braids.

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  • i do not think corn rows and braids are made for guys when they turn 21. it’s no professional at all and you would never get a professional job, never in the corporate world

    it just looks low

  • Dreads well maintained and styled, maybe but once your in
    there is no discrimination. Freedom of expression is a right and
    you cannot be denied! Black is beautiful. There is a time and
    place for all styles it’s just a matter of taste and tact.

  • I disagree with jermain. If a male has his hair braided past 21 they can still obtain any job in the world. It only looks bad if they don’t keep their hair in braids and know when to let the head breathe. Not many but in the nursing field their are men who have their hair braided. Its how u present yourself

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