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Had a chance to visit the big apple and of course they have some serious braids new york shops and salons on the island. If you are ever in Brooklyn make sure you check out Khamit Kinks. You just don’t want anybody braiding your hair and from what I hear from inside of my community they know what they are doing over there.


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  • I’m from New York and I’m currently reside in Palm Beach Fl. It’s very hard to find someone to braid hair here, without traveling a long distance. There is a young lady who travels from New York to Fl just to briad hair and she is booked the whole time she’s here. I miss New york because every hair style is different, no one will ever leave a hair shop with the same duo, believe that!!

  • Yvette,
    I just moved to NYC from DC and I wanted to see if you could suggest a place to get braids done.

    Thanks in advance.


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