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Do you know that you have curly wavy natural black hair? Many black women are wearing their natural hair and finding out that its curly, wavy, and kinky, not “nappy”. You may not realize it, but the most beautiful hair that you can have is the hair that you were born with.  No matter if your hair is kinky, curly, or wavy, you can achieve a beautiful hairstyle in a lot less time than you might think possible.  A lot of African American women spend hours on their hair every week.  They bemoan that it is dry, brittle, and difficult to style.  They will sit for hours at a stylist to put in micro braids or dreadlocks in order not to have to worry about what to do with their hair every morning.  However, no matter what type of hair you have, curly wavy natural black hair can be very beautiful.

Wavy black hair is the most hydrated of the three types of African American hair.  It is also the easiest to keep straight without chemicals.  A hydrating hair wash following by heat styling with a comb and blow dryer is usually enough to get this type of hair under control.  It will also retain moisture pretty well in between washes.  If you are lucky enough to have wavy hair, you shouldn’t even think about using chemical relaxers or other types of unnatural products on your hair.  Instead let its natural beauty shine through by doing simple styles that will last you throughout the entire day.

Curly African American hair can often be very soft to the touch, especially if the hair itself is fine.  However, even though it is soft, it can also be very dry.  This type of hair should be hydrated on a daily basis to keep it looking its best.  This can be done through special shampoos as well as the liberal application of hair oil.  As long as you keep your curly hair hydrated you should be able to style the curls or straighten them out using a flat iron or a hot comb in no time at all.  Even if you are very low maintenance with your hair, simple styling and a little product will make your curly hair look great.

Kinky hair has a tendency to look very frizzy if not properly moisturized.  It will also look frizzier if it is over styled with a lot of chemicals.  This hairstyle works best if you keep your hair moisturized and keep it away from harsh chemicals.  Having curly, wavy natural black hair is your best option for healthy hair.

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Our goal is to share the beauty of Afro-textured hair and to have a place where we can come together to get examples, advice, and information of black hair growth and hairstyles. Whether you have permed, pressed, or natural hair it's still black hair and it's beautiful.


  • Hi, how would you achieve these curly hairstyles? Is it a type of creme or process you have to do for the curls to stand out like this?


  • don’t be fooled by those pics! the second ingredient in that product is mineral oil (they use a fancy name but it is chemically the exact same compound formula). mineral oil is bad for afro hair as it clogs the pores and prevents growth. expect this product to feel very similar to lusters pink. yes, remember the days!
    for natural coils, spritz with some apple cider vinegar and glycerin mixed with your favorite scent, leave overnight and unravel.
    don’t be fooled ladies! do your research. it’s all trial and error for us to re-learn about our hair and undo the mis-education that the commercial world has spout for so long.

  • I have been natural for about 6 years now. I saw the above pictures on line and spent a considerable amount of money on Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding and Baby Butter Cream. I have yet to achieve the looks above. According to their site, before achieving these looks, they do a “Silkening” to the hair first. What is the Silkener™?
    The Silkener™ is a trademarked chemical technique created and developed at curve salon inc. So CHEMICALS are a factor on some styles.

  • I am glad that you ladies are giving feedback on Miss Jessie’s products. I have not personally tried it yet, I have just heard it was a good product.

    Thanks SassiT for that info about the Silkener, because that is what this site is all about. Teaching each other what’s best for our hair through our own personal experience.

    But also remember to achieve certain styles with black natural hair, we sometimes have to train our hair to perform well with that style. With or without chemicals everyone’s hair texture is different.

  • not alot of info or tips on kinky hair… eg how to hydrate and get it curly or wavy ( as its the best option for healthy hair).

    ….is it really just as beautiful if thats the hair you’re born with?

  • Those women have chemically altered their hair with a “silkener” check Miss Jessies site the before and after pics! I seen them all up there.

  • I believe your natural texture hair is beautiful no matter what type. And all black hair is curly whether tightly coiled or loosely coiled. The above picture show examples of what tightly coiled hair could look like with some alteration.

    But do not get me wrong, I am not saying that those options make your hair anymore beautiful, its just a different option for styling if you choose.

    I have natural hair and wear it in its kinky natural state sometimes (same texture as some of the Before pictures above) and I wear it straight when I want a different flavor or wet-n-wavy. I love it for what it is…and it is beautiful.

  • Hi Ladies
    I am just beginning my natural hair process. Its been 2 months without relaxer. I am trying to do go natural with without the BIG CHOP. Can anyone give me some suggestion and products that may assist me in this process please. Not sure what my curl pattern, but I have thin, fine, limp hair so of which is hereditary. Thanks for any input or suggestions

  • Moisterize,Moisterize, Moisterize is the key to a sucessful transition. I’m 3 years relaxer-free and I did do the Big Chop because it became to diffcult to manage with two different textures. I would wash my hair with “just” conditioner and than let it air dry. My hair has grown out so much I’m shocked.

    Hang in there!

  • Miss Jessies and Carols Daughter does absolutely nothing for me! I love Jane Carter Revitalizing Cond and I leave it in and my curls are fabulous! I use it with no poo by Deva Curl. My texture is 3b/3c so letting it grow out was a big deal b/c I only touched it up about 1every 3 months. I am 45 and this is the first time that my hair has been down my back and it’s only been 3 years. It use to be at my shoulders, just in 07′. My ultimate look is for it too be passed my shoulders curly.

  • How do you know what your hair type is? KarenL mentioned her texture was 3b/3c. I’ve been natural for 7 months and when I tried to straighten it for a differenct look it stayed that way even after several washes. Does this mean I can not ever straighten my hair?

  • I have very very soft hair. I too am trying to stay natural. My hair hasn’t been processed in a year. I would love to just wear it out but im having trouble getting it to grow. What should I do???

  • I just recently did the “Big Chop” after 8 months without a relaxer. My natural hair was surprisingly longer than I thought it was. Now that I have a completely natural style, I would like to know the different style options out there. I would prefer not to straighten my hair…I’m looking for braid or twist styles. Any suggestions?

  • I had the big chop done approximately 7 weeks ago and spent the first 3 weeks trying to find a product that I like. I bought Miss Jessie’s products and found them to be decent but overpriced. Believe it or not, the products that work best for me is Carol”s Daughter moisturizer smoothie and the new Jam Custard. I like the way the new Jam Custard works for my hair. I condition (Wen’s cleansing confitioner) moisturize, and then use the jam and my hair coils and curls with a shine that lasts through the day.

  • I am 42 yrs old with medium length hair (chemical free) for almost 8 yrs. I wear sew in weaves most times if not I wear a wig cap. I am ready for the natural curly look, what do I do & what products do I purchase? I also have a 6 yr old that is chemical free with medium length hair, I just started putting her own hair in box braids and I order a few Carol’s Daughter products for the her, am I doing the right or wrong thing? I NEED HELP PLEASE…

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