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Cuticle Remy XQ Hair Battle

The CEO of Shake-N-Go was in attendance for The Cuticle Remy XQ Hair Battle & Style Expo that took place in Columbus, Georgia. Kandi Burruss and Toya Carter were the host of the event which made over 5,000 men and women happy when they took the stage and uttered words to support the show.

Several stylist were there from novice students to professionals which among them were Terrence Davidson (Nicki Minaj’s Hair Stylist), Miss Lawrence and Sabrina of the Glam Bar. The beautiful thing about the night was the fact that it was all for “The Literacy Alliance” in charity. Congrats to Michael who put together the event and you know Thirsty roots killed the coverage. Enjoy the pics and video footage.

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  • I think the pictures are really good. The hair styles are on point. Excellent stylist. The Video was also good, but i thought that there was too much going on and it was hard to see some of the hair styles. It seemed like it was mostly modeling and the fashion show. But overall, Awesome!

  • the video was good, but it shouldv’e showed more hair. but overall, it was a good video. good music and clips

  • Yeah we were going for an overall picture of what took place at the hair show and close ups on the hairstyles was not easy to get since the hair battle and show was set up like a fashion/theatrical show.

    Thanks for your comments and compliments on the pics and videos!

  • Love!!!!! the hair battle would love to be make the next one, and if so be a model.

  • loved the video it was awesome and i was there in person the group from dc was fabolous i loved them i need there contact

  • Loved the show. Be sure to let me kmow when the next one is. Never been to one, would love to go!
    Also interested in hair braiding. Love braids!

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