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Dariel Pulliam R.I.P.

Atlanta Stylist Darriel Pulliam

Our friend and celebrity hair stylist and makeup artist Dariel “Loves” Pulliam has died and we along with thousands of other family and friends are feeling the hurt. This is the last interview that he recorded before his death. We had so much fun that night as he looked forward to some events he was suppose to judge in Miami and abroad after leaving the salon that day. Dariel was with Elite Noel his really good friend and sister of Keisha Cole that night. Things had to escalate really fast because my last time texting him was March 25th 2011 in which I heard no answer. That was strange in itself!

Below are other videos we filmed that Dariel appeared in!

R.I.P. Dariel

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  • Soooo sad to hear, I’ve never met Dariel, RIP my fellow artist, I watched his YouTube the other day and literally woke up today thinking about him…God Bless Dariel, his family and friends…Be Blesssed all life is truly precious…xo

  • Dariel,
    I have missed you so much!

    I know you are watching & tell
    Mama Frankie I Love her and please CONTINUE guiding me along with The Angel’s God continuously keeps over me!

    The future moves I make is for y’al!!!

    Love you Always,


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