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7 Steps to Combat Dry Hair

dry hair fix

Many people have ask what is that magic dry hair fix? Well, I researched on the topic and found that not one thing can fix the dry hair problem. From medical issues to what you are eating to what products you are using, can be the cause of your dry scalp and strands.

Black hair is prone to dryness do to its tight curl pattern, which makes it difficult for the natural oils to make it down the hair shaft. So that in itself is an issue.


The first thing you must ask yourself is, like in any problem, what am I doing that might cause this problem? I like to get to the root of my problems before I try to find a solution. So lets start there:

Causes for dry hair in black hair:

  • Using too much heat
  • Over shampooing and washing
  • Over processing (not properly using relaxers or coloring agents)
  • Not drinking water and eating healthy
  • Not conditioning or moisturizing regularly

Ok, now that we know what can cause dry hair lets get into the 7 steps to help fix the problem.

The Dry Hair Fix Checklist:

1. Use less heat and use a thermal hair protector.

  • I know ladies you’ve heard it before, but make sure it register. Daily use of blow dryers, flat irons, curling irons, and hot combs are detrimental to your hair. Try using these styling agents only once a week. If you can go longer without heat, then do it, it will speed up your recovery process and goal to healthy hair.

2. Do not color your hair.

  • If you are using bleaches to lighten your hair, then it can be your dry hair cause. Adding color to your hair on top of relaxers can result in excessive dryness. The best bet is just to stay away from dying your strands and maybe try a gentle rinse instead, once you’ve nursed it back to health.

3. Protect your hair.

  • Protecting your hair at night goes a long way. The best way to do this is to wear satin or silk caps or scarves. Also you can lay your head on satin or silk pillowcase oppose to cotton ones which sucks moisture out of your hair. It’s best for your hair to glide as you toss and turn, than clinging to the pillow on cotton fabric.

4. Shampoo less frequent.

  • Squeaky clean hair can result in dry hair that has been sucked out of its natural oils and moisture. So make sure your do not shampoo your hair too often. I would not wash no more than once a week. If you do not use many heavy creams and styling gels on a weekly bases, then you can shampoo less frequent.

5. Co-wash in between shampooing.

  • Co-washing is simply washing your hair with only a conditioner. Now lets not get it twisted, co-washing does not cleanse the hair or scalp. If you recently cleansed your hair, but used a product you need to get rid of, co-washing will help strip some of the product away. Also co-washing adds moisture to your hair. Co-washing frequently without cleansing can cause build up from daily product usage, so make sure you shampoo your hair regularly.

6. Condition and moisturize.

  • This part is key. Water is the only thing that can add moisture to your hair. Make sure you add water before layering products on your hair. Moisture is the best thing you can do for your hair. When your hair is moisturized and conditioned well, less breakage occurs and dryness is not a factor. Make sure you find a good deep conditioner and/or leave-in conditioner, and also a daily moisturizer or oil that you can use for styling purposes. Conditioning the hair properly helps restore moisture levels.

7. Style your hair in Protective Hairstyles.

  • Protective hairstyles are styles that keeps the hair strands tucked away from potential snagging, weathering, and breakage. You can also hold in the moisture that you work so hard at restoring your hair with. Some examples of protective styles are the following: braids, cornrows, two-strand twists, flat twists, buns, bantu knots, and french rolls. (See bellow a gallery of protective hairstyles)

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  • Am gonna realy try that because my hair is realy dry and am thinking of cutting it.Thank you

  • So, I’ve started doing the pre-poo (conditioning the hair before washing) and I have found for me that when I wash the pre-conditioner out, my hair is less tangled, it’s softer and has a beautiful, wavy, curl pattern. I love it. I’m telling you, I swear by pre-conditioning. I even put together my own. I mix olive oil, honey, Carol’s Daughter Smoothie, hair elixir, and hair balm. I mix all that until smooth and slater it all over my scalp and hair. I leave it in as long as I can and then wash and re-condition and then style it. It’s wonderful…a little time consuming, but absolutely worth it. For the first time in a long time, I am in love with my hair…my natural hair. Peace and hairgrease, ya’ll.

    – Adrienne

  • So ready to try these tips on my hair. I am growing out my hair from 2years of a short cut and the dryness has really been making me wat to go back to short again but I will try these things first

  • I have been having short hair for many years now, once in a while ill have weave on extensions but my scalp is very dry and it itches like crazy when I have anything planted on it. I wash it already 1now a week and use hair food sherry other day bu the dryness and itchness doesn’t improve. I normally use a medicated hair food cos it makesit itch less. What can I do to stop this?

  • I conditioned prior to washing this past weekend using Mizani Kerafuse and then Hydrafuse which worked wonders. After allowing the Kerafuse to absorb for awhile I added the Hydrafuse and then allowed both to sit on my hair while wearing a plastic cap for about an hour or so, followed by a good wash and light conditioning. My hair wash much more manageable than it has been for me. When I go to the stylist it’s fine but I’m glad I found something that works for me at home during the in between care. For shampooing and conditioning I used my Aveno pure renewal sulfate free shampoo and the pure renewl sulfate free conditioner. Once I finished I applied a little One and Only Argon oil to my wet hair, paying special attention to my ends and outer edges of my head. Drying with the lowest heat setting works great.

  • My hair was so dry I started looking up ways to combat it and read that after shampoo n conditioning 2 do a acv rinse.I was scared at first then I thru it 2 the wind and so I did it! My hair feels great looks good so now I have added that 2 my weekly washing/co-wash

  • I would like to get some information a your hair product PLEASE. I have long heathly hair but it was alot longer and healthier before I used AphGee, then may hair broke off and became damaged. so not I go to the shop instead of doing my own hair. Please help me

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