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CANCER made me BALD and I love it!

“CANCER made me BALD and I love it!” are the words from Thirsty Roots Member, Ms. Christian, in the community forum. She is on a journey to natural hair and in her words:

“I’m new to the Natural Hair world, Due to the chemotherapy I was on (cancer is in remission) WHoop Whoop !!!!!!!! Now its growing back and I would love to keep it Naturally ME…I need help”

She is a beautiful person and have positive spirits, “God is good, Never once did I questioned his work. Now since I have past one of my many test it only made me stronger, Embracing it all..” says Ms. Christian.  I just wanted to feature her to show her how much of an inspiration she is to many women who maybe going through the same situation, and to the women who are not.

Sometimes we get so caught up into our hair as if it makes us who we are on the inside. Beauty is so skin deep. And Ms. Christian was able to see how meaningless loosing her hair was in the fight of saving her life.

We must all try to see our beauty beyond our hair. Stay lifted Ms. Christian!

Read on to learn more about Ms. Christian’s story:

TR: How did you fight through the Cancer?

Ms. Christian: The way I fought through cancer was staying in good spirits. I had/have an Amazing support system. I kept myself surrounded with positive people. And even though I knew I had Leukemia I still tried to enjoy my life as much as possible. I had frequent hospital visits that lasted 2-3 weeks every month. I never slept alone, My friends/family would rotate days/nights, sneak me outside food and kept me up on the latest.

TR: I know you said you had long hair before you got sick, how did you feel at first when you started losing your hair?

Ms. Christian: Yes I had beautiful long Natural hair. I was in the beauty salon faithfully 2-3 weeks. When my Oncologist explained to me that I would lose my hair my response was “ok its just hair”.  But one Sunday, I was at home with my mom and she greased my scalp like she always did as a child and it just came out in huge clumps. She kept combing and within 5 minutes my hair was on the floor and I was in tears. I locked myself in the bathroom and cried for hours. I called myself ugly and no one would think I was beautiful. I cursed God for making me sick, I cursed the Doctor for giving me the medicine. That was the first time I had a breakdown.

I didn’t cry when I was diagnosed at 21 which was the peak of my life, I didn’t cry when I was being stuck by needles at least 6 times before a IV was in place. I cried because I have lost my hair and it FINALLY hit me that I HAVE CANCER..

As I got myself together in the bathroom, I returned to my Mom “Salt&Pepper”  Hair on the floor next to mine. I asked her why would you do that? Your hair was a couple of inches from your butt, Are you crazy. She explained to me, It will grow back. “Your Journey is now My Journey” if you think your ugly than so am I..

TR: Now that, in your words, “Cancer made me bald and I love it”, what have you discovered about yourself and your hair in this journey?

Ms. Christian: This is a defining moment in my life for I am on track and running towards the finish line of my destiny. Journey’s can take you on many different roads in life but none of the roads will get you there quicker; they will just provide you with different lessons to be learned. A long time ago, I strayed away from my purpose because I wasn’t sure of who I was as an individual.

Due to my illness, Struggling with not knowing or understanding myself showed vicariously through many scenario’s and situations in my life. I had come to a stop sign and I finally made the decision to go full steam ahead realizing that I would leave everything behind to start a brand new life.

With My brand new hair, As far as my hair go its been AMAZING. I have embraced my Bald Head and I feel Beautiful. A lot of people have said I have been there inspiration. Random people walk up to me and say “girl you are wearing that cut” I just chuckle and say thank you but I’m always brought back to that day. When I had no choice. I have finally came to the realization that my Hair doesn’t make me.

“My struggles are my strengths”, that’s what Define me.

TR: Anything else you want to add?

Ms. Christian: My experiences over the last year have allowed me to take a long hard look at myself and analyze my strengths and my weaknesses. I am a positive person who is determined to be the best at all I can be but I realize that at the same time, I have got to know my own strengths and I realize that they outweigh the weaknesses. My weaknesses come with growth, time, and dedication to make them positive attributes of my life.

Positivity truly is the essence of change and it allows for growth. Being a positive person can open your world up to so many opportunities and I know this first hand. Changing my thoughts to be positive allowed me to view the world differently in addition to my life. I realized that I had got to a point where I was merely “existing” and now with he changing of my thoughts, by becoming a positive person, I have truly changed my life.

In order to take the initiative to create and initiate change, you have to take action towards it.  I have a testimony and I want the world to hear it. I heard the Doctor prepare my family for the “I might not make it speech”. But I am here 23 and my Cancer is in Remission and I thank god for it all

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  • Your story brought me to tears. When you said your Mom cut her hair off for you tears came to my eyes…WOW! What a powerful statement she made…it’s just hair. I am surrounded by women who think their hair and the way it looks is the end all to end all. I’m going to pass your story on to them, maybe they will be inspired by your story and moved like I was. Wishing you Peace and Balance….

  • Thanks for sharing your journey. I knew that cancer is in my families bloodline on my mother’s side. In case I would become the individual to have to deal with the disease I kinda pre=prepared myself for that day. So I began wearing my hair short so that it wouldn’t be a big adjustment for me or my family. One year I’d wear my hair short and the next year I’d let it grow out for a couple of years…and then I’d cut it all off again. Everyone (including co-workers) just think that I am and going through a “fashion faze”…which is fine… I always tell people that “I change like the wind” but I just want them to be use to seeing me with and without hair while I go through my transition.

    But again…very good article and thanks for sharing.

  • oh my , this story brought tears to my eyes( and Im at work) I just cut my hair off 2 days ago and I love it – ur rite hair is over rated and it does not define who you are . I feel so much more confident and not in a race with any other women . I love this cut , Im keeping it for a long time.Keeping it NATURAL… u are a beautiful black women – stay strong …u inspire!!!

  • Thank you so much for sharing your Jounery with us. GOD is GOOD all the time. He never puts more on us than we can handle and you have handled yours with GRACE. When your shared that your mom cut her hair to share your Jounery,I got so full with Joy. First your hair does not define how you are. And second YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. You have a head shaped for short hair LOL. I’ve cut mine hair off to the scalp maybe 5-6 times in my life. Now I’m locking. Natural hair is where it’s at. I’m truly proud of you in how you’ve choose to go through your Journey. I’m praying for total deliverance from your illness. Good Bless

  • OMG, you are a Powerful Woman and if no one has ever told you that – I am taking the time out right now to do so. YOU ARE A STRONG AND POWERFUL BLACK WOMAN!

  • Sorry I hit the submit button too early because I definitely wasn’t through with you sister. I have been going through some obstacles in my life and feeling like there was no hope for me or my family. We love God but not in a building because I tell people all the time the church is in us. That building is just a place where people go to do the same thing over and over (tradition). Being in a building doesn’t cut it for me anymore. I was in bondage in those buildings but Im show nough free now! But just ready your story, I told God I am sorry for evening complaining about my little problems. You are a true testimony to me and I will never ever forget your story. See this is what REAL church is “your testimony”. That’s awesome and you keep the faith because God is not through with you yet!

    God Bless you and your Family


  • I’m reading your story at just the right time!!!
    In a fight with CANCER myself, done with Chemo and it did it’s job all they way around doing my radiation treatments now 9 more to go! Thanks for sharing your story very uplifting to me.
    Stay BLESSED!

  • Your testimony is very uplifting. I know that we sometimes wonder why God allows these things to occur, but as you can see, through your story, another individual can draw strength. U r gorgeous with or with out hair. I feel your spirit through the photos. May God continue to bless you and keep you cancer free forever. And your mother is so wonderful for that act of love. A true mother indeed. God bless.

  • Ms. Christian,

    When I read your story, two scriptures come to mind. In the 8th chapter of Romans, we’re told that all thing work together for the goood of them that love the LORD, and Psalms 37:25 says “…I’ve never seen a righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging for bread…” I’m a young woman in my 30s born with birth defect( small cleft arms and small left), yet God gave me the gift of art( I’m an artist)and one day soon I’m will produce my own animated series in the name of JESUS. Keep fighting, girl! It ain’t over ’til GOD says it’s over!!! AMEN!!!

  • Thanks for sharing your story. I too went on that same journey and I embraced my hair loss with gladness. My hair has grown back and is so much thicker and fuller than I could have imagined. I keep it conditioned and moisten with shea butter, olive oil and coconut oil. I love my natural hair!

  • You are such a beautiful person inside and out.. Its so good that you looked at the positives and you grew on those values. You are an inspiration!!


  • Hi
    I’ve just read your story, I’m actually fighting the doctors top have me diagnosed and they refuse to send me for any treatment or specialist help – we have perverse white male doctors over here in England who tend to live in a lunetoones world. They are all sick, you are sitting there sick and they’ll be literally taking their sweet time to peer at your chest when your sick – I’m losing my haor but I am not on medication or anything just very sick and I’m wondering how do you get the doctors to listen to you even though your black about real major health concerns that you have.

  • Rachel,
    No one should be denied medical care for any reason whatsoever, whether they are black, white, yellow, or red. Get the media on this and make a stink, you’ll be surprised at how many people will try to help you. If you have a area representative for Parliament, get in touch with them. Don’t give up on this and don’t let them get you down.
    And Ms. Christian, an inspiring and beautiful story. I hope you get over the cancer completely and live a long and happy life.

  • I think u are AWESOME PERSON that was a TOUCHING STORY. GOD BLESSED U IN A SPECIAL WAY. U R A BEAUTIFUL PERSON.I cut my hair about 2yrs. ago I had thyroid problem about 2yrs ago that made my hair come out in SPOTS.So i went 2 the dr. he told me 2 take the perm out n I did it n I LOVE BEING A NATURAL GIRL. I HOPE U HAVE A LONG N HEALTHY LIFE……TAKE CARE.

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