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Thirsty Roots Community Member: Chela’s Transition to Natural Curly Hair

Thirsty Roots Member Chela has beautiful curly natural hair after transitioning from her long relaxed strands. She upload a few pictures of some hairstyles she wore while relaxed and now “100% natural”, as she says. Chela listed some of her favorite products which include:

Organic olive oil, Fantasia, Doo Gro, Parnevu Mayonnaise, Mixed Chicks, Dr. Miracle, and Cantu Shea Butter Hair Dressing Pomade.

100% Natural

When asked, What does she love about her hair? she says:

The length and natural texture.

Check her out in the community and many others, whether relaxed or natural, who are loving their thirsty roots!

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  • Hi, I’m interested in going natural and I love the curly style. How do I start the transition?

  • This is the first time in months I have not relaxed my hair and I love the feel of the natural look. However, I saw that the back of my hair is breaking while the front is very long. I am thinking of cutting it low so that is can grow back even again….and at the same time cut the relaxed ends Is this a good thing?

  • my daughter is 11 and has natural curly hair down to her shoulders, she wants the coil curly look however I would only like to use natural products in her hair that will give her the style along with moisture and hair growth. what can I use.

  • hi, am trying to grow my hair. please can you give me steps to grow healthy hair. currently, my hair is currently chemically straighten.

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