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Diddy’s Daughters: Jessie, D’lila and Chance

Rapper, singer, record producer, actor, and entrepreneur Sean John Combs, best known as Diddy, showed off his three beautiful little girls yesterday on Twitter. In the pictures, it looks as though Jessie and D’Lila the 5 year old twin daughters, and their half-sister Chance decided to take a quick photo op styling and profiling in their sunglasses, cute outfits, and unfussy hair styles.

Diddy tweeted from @iamdiddy:

My 3 princesses Jessie, D’Lila & Chance #PrincessSwagg http://instagr.am/p/M8mNJQpl-v/  God is Great!

All I can say is too cute, I had to share!

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  • Yes they are cute little girls. Most importantly they are SISTERS, so next time drop the half. That part doesn’t matter what matters is they are SISTERS who I hope love each other.

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