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Fro Fashion Week Atlanta

Thirsty Roots attended the very first Fro Fashion Week in Atlanta created by Tarin Boone of Naturally Me Media. Many natural women showed up from all over the country with larger attendee numbers from California, Michigan, New York, Florida and Illinois. There was even a woman their from Bermuda…WHOA!

The two day event pampered, spoiled and educated through panels, a beauty lounge, shopping arena, mix and mingle party and a runway fashion show.

Fro Fashion Week

Celebrity Stylist Felicia Leatherwood and myself

Celebrity stylist Felicia Leatherwood, keynote speakers and vendors were able to share their knowledge about the natural haircare industry and movement amongst what seemed like a family affair.

There were many memorable moments that took place making it easy to catch them through video and pictures. Tarin and her crew did a wonderful job especially for the very first time out of the gate. This is NOT a normal thing.

Fro Fashion Week

Tarin Boone – CEO Naturally Me! Media and Founder of ‘Fro Fashion Week | (Sitting beside her me!) Sharina – CEO Thirsty Roots, LLC

Several BIG named companies were their including Shea Moisture, Curls, Sofn’Free, Jessicurl, Kinky-Curly, Naturally Curly, Organic Root Stimulator and Huetiful to name a few.

I expected to see more Atlanta natural hair bloggers on the scene being that this was a hometown natural hair event but was seriously thrown off. (Shakes My Head!)

Fro Fashion Week Fro Fashion Week

Fro Fashion Week Fro Fashion Week

Fro Fashion Week has laid it’s foundation and is set to present to many naturals twice a year. If you missed the initial show don’t worry it will be back soon.

Until then enjoy the video recap and images caught by Thirsty Roots.

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  • I live in Atlanta and I really found out about ‘Fro fashion week kind of late. I have not been to Bronner Brothers in years (due to not wanting to buy bootleg purses, it really became unprofessional) But I will be at the next one. I am a new natural and I think the word just did not get out about it like the Talia Wajid show. It looks like you guys had a great time. I have 5 daughters and we are all natural. I am loving the journey. Keep up the good work! Come back to Atlanta give us another chance 🙂

  • What a wonderful recap! Sofn’free had a wonderful time at this inaugural event and remains proud to have been part of it. What a gathering of natural beauties, passionate and knowledgeable about all things hair.

  • Nice recap.
    Unfortunately, everyone couldn’t afford to go/or want to spend that kind of money so it’s not like bloggers weren’t “showing hometown love”. Everyone had their different situations- whether money, other events, or just life in general, amongst other things. Most of the ATL bloggers did advertise the event on their site….

  • Thanks for clearing the air Lexi I just thought it would be more Atlanta bloggers present.

  • Im so glad fro fashion week was a sucess, this past weekend was very busy with many events…I works bronner brother as a makup artist to Colour U but this is the 1st recap that really shows me what all went down and it looks like the event went well! Thanks for the recap! Hopefully I will be able attend, help and afford to attend the next one!

  • I am also an Atlanta blogger and would have to agree with Lexi. I was not comfortable with the amount required to attend the event but I wished the organizer much success in the beginning. I did attend the bronner brothers show and the Curly Nikkii meet up (which was held on Friday night). No disrepect,, but if you want to call out Atlanta bloggers for not “showing home town love” I think that would be an incorrect observation and besides “support” should go both ways. This was not a one sided or back handed plot against the organizer at all. I too, advertised the event on my blog after being contacted by organizer to post a flyer on blog other than that no other communication was made in regards to the event. I am glad that everything turned out well and this was a great recap as Perfectly Pretty stated. There’s always September! 🙂

  • I live in ATL and attended Fro Fashion Week. It was the bomb and well worth my investment. I got so much free products and met so many great people. I was kind of surprise too not to see my hometown bloggers, but I got a chance to meet a lot of women blogging across the country that I am going to start checking out. I can’t wait for it to return in September, I just hope it comes back to ATL but even if it doesn’t I am going!!!

  • Thirsty Roots was on their grind. Beautiful recap. The event was incredibly awesome. Plan to attend the next one, you will not be sorry.

  • I attended Fro Fashion Week and was a sponsor for the Fro Fashion Show and I am SO glad that I attended and participated as a sponsor. There was not one thing I would change as Tarin and her crew did an awesome job. I can’t wait to attend in September and look forward to bringing a ton of people with me.

    Many Blessings to Sharina and the Thirsty Roots team!


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