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Hairstylist Spotlight: Napturalocs Styles by Tiffany

One of Thirsty Roots members have a creative knack when it comes to dreadlock hairstyles. Napturalocs Styles by Tiffany are a range of  loc styles created by Mobile Stylist and Loctician Tiffany Poland. We had a chance to interview the professional Hair Stylist about her specialties, skills, techniques, and more.

Read on to get to know this talented Napturalocs Stylist:

TR: How long have you been styling locs?

I have been styling locs for 6 years and it has become a passion for me! I receive maximum satisfaction when I see my ending masterpiece and the joy in my clients face.

TR: Do you specialize in locking hair or just styling?

I specialize in everything about Locs. That ranges from starting, maintaining and styling.

TR: What about Sisterlocks? Or do you just work with dreadllocks?

Sisterlocks are not my fortay, I never dealt with them ; BUT I would like to attend some seminars to obtain certification, so that I able to expand my loc horizon! Also, I want to learn how to do loc extensions. Right now, I just deal with the basic locs that have been started with gel twist, two strand twist and/or interlocking method.

TR: What is your specialty, as far has hairstyles?

I would have to say my specialties are Up-dos! I love them, they get my creative juices flowing! They seem to “WOW” my clients and others that see them.

TR: How do you come up with styling ideas; what inspires you?

Most of my hairstyles are inspired by my mood and the personality of my client.  Sometimes I look at hairstyles done with natural hair and try to come up with a loc verison. I’ve noticed when you think about the hairstyle, it’s harder to come up with one that you are proud of, so most of the time its “a go with the flow” type thing!

TR: How do you wear your hair?

I’m proud to say I am a Loc’er! I wear them for my self expression. I’ve been growing my locs for 3years now and it has been the best experience. I keep my locs bright and bold in the front, any color in the redish family. The middle is my natural hair color and the last three rolls of locs are blonde tipped. In November I cut my locs into an A-Symmetrical Bob and wear it knotted, crinkled, or curled! Before my cut, my hairstyles ranged from cornrows  to updos.

TR: What hair care products do you recommend for locs, or black hair in general, also?

Moderation is key to any product used on hair! I recommend Dr.Bronners 18-in-1 Hemp Peppermint Pure Castile Soap, Natures Blessing Hair Pomade, and Mango Lime Loc and Twist Gel. The soap leaves your locs squeaky clean and your scalp breathing. The pomade is very light with a great fragrance, its all natural and a wonderful conditioner, restorer and root builder. The pomade can also be used on dry skin and chapped lips. The gel is light and doesn’t cause buildup!

FYI: If you have thinning areas, Organic Root Stimulator works wonders! It stimulates the hair follicles and make the hair grow. Vitamin E Oil is great too, it promotes healthy hair growth!

TR: What would you consider 5 easy DIY loc hairstyles?

> Plaits
>Two-Strand Twist
>2 French Rolls
>Flat Twist
>Nubian Knots

TR: Anything you would like to tell Thirsty Roots readers?

Locs aren’t just a hairstyle, it’s a lifestyle! There are many misconceptions about locs, but I would like to clear them up! Locs are Not for the lazy, they actually have higher maintenance than you may think. Locs are NOT filthy and smelly, especially when regularly maintained. You DO NOT have to cut your hair all off if you would like to rid of them. Locs should be treated with care because they can become brittle, break, thin and fall out. DO repair locs that have broken and/or thinned. For those that are loc’ers please remember to detox your hair at least twice a year. The ACV rinse is well needed to remove buildup and restore the pH balance of your hair. DO use a silk or satin scarf because locs attract lint. Having locs DO NOT limit you to certain hairstyles; you name it, you can do it! Just remember tight isn’t always best! When locs are pulled too tight it can cause the hairline to recede and hair bumps to form. DO NOT use beeswax, it causes major buildup and it isn’t the easiest to wash out!


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