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growing relaxed hair long

Her are a coupe of tips for growing relaxed hair long and getting the results you desire.

Tip:1 The first thing I will bring up is deep conditioning. Using heat something like a steamer when conditioning will cause the hair shafts to swell which means you get more moisture.

Tip:2 Sealing in the moisture. This can be accomplished by using a natural oil like coconut oil. he oil molecules coat the shaft after the deep conditioning treatment hence locking the water molecules inside.

Tip:3 Your Thirsty Roots need daily moisture. It is a good habit to get into moisturizing daily. It a quick painless process! All you need is a good oil-free lotion (The first ingredient must be water). A coin-sized amount is enough for shoulder length tresses, a touch more for longer tresses.

Tip:4 Get in some protein treatments. All hair is made up of protein so when it becomes damaged by heat tools or is over-moisturized; a deep protein treatment can work wonders. Protein will fill in the gaps or cracks in the shaft hence strengthening the structure. This should be done occasionally if you are experiencing serious hair breakage.

Tip:5 Make sure you use the right styling tools. Relaxed strands of hair tend to be very fragile when wet. You should never brush or use a small tooth comb. Only use a wide tooth comb to detangle or comb products through. It is best to avoid manipulating too much until it is mostly dry.

Remember these things and you should start seeing some great results. don’t forget that hair grows 6-10 inches a year and if you can keep it from breaking off rapidly you can extend your length considerably. There are thousands of women that are growing their hair out to bra strap lengths and longer and this can easily be you.

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