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Sesame Street “I love my hair”

Just came across this inspirational song and video,  Sesame Street “I love my hair”, that I would like to share with everyone. This song encourages little girls to embrace their hair and love it for what it is, whether curly, kinky, straight, long, or short. Let’s join together to spread this message to our children. High self-esteem is a big factor for children to not be manipulated or coerced into thinking or doing anything outside of the values that we teach them. Let’s make sure our children know that they do not have “bad hair” and to “love their thirsty roots”.


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  • I love this. It was a funny video too. ha! and cute. It makes me feel good that sesame street helps kids like their own hair and their selves. its great. It’s the nature of the business to me it’s why I like to do hair! to make others feel good.

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