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Oh, Snap… This is in your bathroom right now!

Eeeeew, what in the world?

Looks gross, but it’s in your drain RIGHT NOW!

I bet you didn’t think you would be reading about how to unclog a bathtub or shower drain today, huh?

You are probably saying… “that’s nasty and who could let their shower get like this”.

Well, get ready for the UGLY truth.

how to unclog a bathtub

Did you know that even if your water is not backing up in your drain, you still have massive clumps in it?


We take showers or baths everyday which means that our thirsty roots is gathering in that hair drain daily. It’s normal to shed between 50 and 100 hairs a day.

No need to call a drain cleaning service though. What we are discussing today is simply a hair clog that cannot be seen. You don’t think about it but, there is definitely some nasty hair follicles in your bathrooms.

Think about all the family members or friends that have taken showers in your guest bathroom.

Umm hmmm.

Hair in the shower drain is just a part of the deal for taking nice hot showers daily.

The pictures and tools we have listed below are easy to get. You won’t have to shell out a great deal of money to clean your drains. Forget expensive drain snake tools or hair clog remover liquids for right now.

Let’s handle this the simple way.

How To Unclog A Bathtub The Easy Way

hair clog in shower drain

Tools We Used:

That’s It!

To prevent or get rid of a clogged drain just follow these simple directions.

#1. Put On Latex Gloves

drain cleaning service

Slide your gloves on so you can protect your hands or nails from getting grimy and slimy. Trust us when we tell you that there is some nasty dirt present. Plus the gloves will give you extra grip on your Libman long brush.

#2. Unscrew the Drain Cover

clogged drain

hair clog remover

Taking off the drain cover is as simple as loosening a couple of screws with a screwdriver. Any Phillips Head screw driver will do the trick. Depending on how old your apartment or house drain is will determine the difficulty of removing the screws.

#3. Use the Cobra Zip-It

hair in shower drain

shower drain clogged with hair (1)

To remove hair from drain simply take your zip-it and push it down the piping. The teeth are designed to grab that clogged hair and pull it up. We went down the side of the drain and pushed the Cobra to the middle as we pulled up.

This is where you will ball your face up with disgust. YUCK!

#4. Place Hair On Bounty Wipes

shower drain clogged with hair

hair clogged in drain-1

Take a couple of plies from the Bounty wipes and start pulling the hair off the Cobra Zip and place it on the paper towel. You won’t believe how much you are going to pull out and put on these Bounty wipes.

We chose “The Quicker Picker Upper” because they truly are tough. You don’t need hair falling back into the show or tub. These things just don’t rip easily.

#5. Spray (Scrubbing Bubbles, Clorox) or use Comet

remove hair from drain

After getting all the hair out of the drain, it’s time to start cleaning. You can use any one of the above consumer cleaners to get the job done.

We have used them all and they work just fine. Scrubbing bubbles does work a bit better but it has a strong smell.

For individuals who are sensitive to chemical smells, we recommend using Comet. You will have to use more man power as you scrub but it works really good.

Let sit for about 10-minutes.

#6. Scrub Inside of Drain with Libman Long Handle

The inside of your drain is very dirty. Using the long handle brush will help get the top inside portion of it clean. The bristles are pretty powerful and remove a lot of grime and grit as you scrub.

#7. Scrub Drain With Scotch-Brite Pad

Here comes the grunt work. The rim of your drain has crud from months of build up. You will need to get this clean. The Scotch-Brite Pads are awesome for this. They are rugged and abrasive. Apply enough force as you scrub and you will see a real difference.

Okay, your done.

Place former clogged drain cover back on and rinse with hot water. You can opt to buy a hair catcher for drain purposes before you do that last step of covering.

Actively cleaning your drains every 4 months will prevent massive build up.

Just remember that a shower drain clogged with hair is normal. If you stay on top of things you won’t have to lookup information on how to dissolve hair in drain…lol.

Put the steps above to good use for your sinks in the bathrooms as well. Trust me there is a lot of hair in those as well.

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hair catcher for drain how to dissolve hair in drain

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