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If you have been watching the hair battle spectacular fingaz contestant, then you know she does not hold her tongue for anyone. And tonight’s episode, Sexi Lexi stands up for herself to Fingaz and Minista. This show is full of creativity and drama. The cast is diverse and confident in there hair styling and creations. Let’s see who has the talent to win the Hair Battle Spectacular and top designs that the judge the famous hair battle winner Derek J has created. Check out the Hair Battle Spectacular on Oxygen every Tuesday night at 10/9C.

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  • Can’t stand this loud mouth person, if you have to scream and shout to get your point across, the point is not worth listening to IMO.
    I would not take this attitude from anyone without giving back just as much attitude with a lot more class and at a noise level that anyone hear not just lions in the zoo rahhhhwl…lllll.
    L. came out looking like a fumbling for words fool but a class act, while F. , looked like the typical bully.
    The only seriously creative one is the cutie patootie, only guy left Mr. T. But really arts and craft show, I thought the styles would be more hair, not styrofoam….hot glue etc…
    M. should have went home, just like all the others who went home before her. Fixed judges… want a dark girl to win, too bad, this show could have went on for a few seasons, but I won’t and I dare say alot won’t watch any more because of all the unjust decisions the judges have called all season. MINISTA should have been gone…Bye ByeIt’s the judging bottem line. I personally HOPE Tsunami wins it all… to bad I won’t be watching, it’s all so fixed already.

  • Fingaz is so pretty. I hope she wins. Beautiful girls know how to reject low class haters. Ha!

  • I think fingaz was all talk and all bully.yes big thingz come in small packages but in her case her big mouth an phony smile shined more than her same old sob story hairstyles.she bragg about what?

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