How to Braid Zig Zag Braids

Zig Zag braids is just one of many braided hairstyles that are beautiful and artistic. They are also just the beginning; most braided hairstyles are built from a zigzag cornrow foundation. In fact, there are so many different ways that a person can braid their hair, that many celebrities have named braided hairstyles after themselves. This article will explain what zigzag braids are, and how to take care of them as well.

It is believed that this style was first created as a way to add flair to a basic cornrow hairstyle. Since then it has become very popular among African American celebrities, especially with rappers. The more popular it is in the famous African American culture, the more popular it becomes to the teenage African American culture.

How to Do Zig Zag Braids

Before trying a zigzag braid hairstyle, you should first practice a normal cornrow hairstyle. If you cannot successfully complete a basic cornrow style, you will not be able to do the cornrows more difficult cousin, the zigzag.

First you will need to create the zigzag part, which you can part anywhere on the head that you choose to. This will be where your first braid will begin. You will then divide the hair into three sections, and begin braiding towards the nape of the neck. You will have to add more hair into the braid as you go, think of it as a very small French braid.

Once you have completed the first braid, you must then create a second part. This should turn away from the last braid and begin the zigzag pattern. Make sure to separate the hair you are braiding, from the hair you are not. You do not want to pick up any extra hair that is not supposed to be in the braid. Depending on the hair you are braiding you may or may not need elastics.

The length of time that this hairstyle can take depends on several factors. The skill level of the person braiding, the thickness of the hair being braided, the size of the braids you are braiding, and how intricate of a design you are doing.

This style is popular amount young men but can be very attractive is a woman’s hair as well. A cute variation of this style is the zigzag ponytail, or pigtails. This is when you braid the hair into a ponytail. You would go about braiding as your normally would, only in this hairstyle you would not finish the braids. Instead, you would leave the ends of the braids loose so that they can be put into a ponytail.

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