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How To Dye Black Hair Without Bleached It

Popular Question: How To Dye Black Hair Without Bleached It? Finding the right dye for your black hair is hard enough, whether its bleached or not. Dying black hair can be tricky.  After all, your hair is already the darkest shade out there.  This means that taking it to a lighter color can be a multistep process.  Each step in the process will be more damaging on your hair than the last step.  That is because every time you add chemicals to your hair you are hurting it just a little bit more.  You are breaking down the cells that hold it together and making it more prone to splitting off.  That is why, if you do want to dye your black hair you should learn how to dye black hair without bleached it.

The first step to dying without bleach is that you need to have realistic expectations about what your hair color will be.  You can’t expect to go from a dark black to a blonde without using bleach.  However, blonde hair might be drastic of a change for you.  Instead of trying to entirely recreate your head, why not just try to bring the natural beauty of your hair out with a few highlights or a little richer shade.

One natural way to lighten your hair is to use chamomile tea.   Let two tea bags steep in a bowl of water for about an hour before you take a shower.  The pour the chamomile over your head after you get out of the shower.  Don’t rinse the tea out of your hair; not only will it smell nice, but it will help your hair to lighten in the sun.  You might be able to get a shade or two lighter with this method.  You will certainly get some nice highlights.

You can also try color rinses if you want to alter your hair color without harsh chemicals like bleach.  Rinses are also often used when you wash your hair.  They will stay in your hair for three or four additional washes before fading out.  Rinses usually boost your natural hair color or give you an undertone that previously wasn’t there.  Again, you can use a rinse to add highlights, but you shouldn’t expect dramatic results.

If you want to know how to dye hair with bleached it, the best way is to stay away from all chemicals.  They might have bleach or other caustic chemicals in them without you even knowing it.  Just use a natural method to let the beauty of your hair shine through.

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  • As long as the hair or weave has no dye on it already, you can put a color such as auburn directly on the hair, & it will take. My stylist dyed my virgin hair lighter years ago

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