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coconut milk and lime hair relaxer recipes

Using coconut milk and lime hair relaxer recipes is said to be a natural way of relaxing your hair. Creating relaxer recipes with coconut milk and lime is interesting.  Many black women want to straighten their hair at one point or another in their lives.  Sometimes it is the grass is greener syndrome – you just want to know what it would be like to have straight hair for once.  However, a lot of women are turning to hair relaxers as a way to take some of the kinky out of their hair and make it just a little wavier and a little bit softer.  If this sounds like you, there might be an alternate to chemicals to make your hair softer.  Maybe you should think about natural ways to relax your hair.  One of the ways is possibly by harnessing the power of nature through  coconut milk and lime relaxer recipes.

This method of hair relaxing has actually been used by women throughout Asia for centuries.  It is all natural and should leave your hair softer and silkier than before.  There are two basic methods that you can try; one is a little easier but the other produces less waste and may have better results.  For the first method all you have to do is mix the juice of a lime with about half a cup of coconut milk.  Let the solution sit for a few hours until a foam forms on top of the bowl.  Scoop off that foam and apply it to your hair.  Leave it sit for a few hours and then wash your hair.  The problem with this method is you end up wasting a lot of milk and lime.  Also, the mixture you do apply to your head can break down, run off your hair, and not be as effective.

A better way is to add your lime and coconut milk to a little bit of olive oil and a spoon or two of cornstarch.  Whisk all these ingredients together over a low heat until they form the consistency of a conditioner that you might find in a store.  This ensures that it will stay on your head better.  The olive oil also helps to keep your hair hydrated.  Then wrap your hair up in a plastic shower cap for a few hours.  Again, shampoo and moisturize as normal.  These coconut milk and lime hair relaxed recipes are good ways for you to naturally relax your hair.

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  • Hello My question about the 2 recipe for a homemade relaxer. How much of each ingredient should be used? I have very thick textured hair and I am very interested in using natural products

  • When using the coconut-lime relaxer with it just relax my curls a little or will it straighten it? How often should this be applied? Also…what is the recipe for this concoction?

  • Hi,
    thanks for the tips, my question is, do i have to measure the ingredients before mixing,thanks

  • How much of each ingredient do I use? And how long should it stay on the hair? And has this been known to ruin the hair?

  • Can this lime and coconut recipe be use on already relaxed hair? How often should it be done? What is the recipe for the the lime, coconut, olive oil and cornstarch? Thanks,

  • What are the measurements for the coconut, lime, olive oil and corn starch? And how often should this be done?

  • I use one can of Golden Star Coconut Milk, two teaspoons of olive oil, three tablespoons of juice from a lime, and I start with one tablespoon of cornstarch (add more as needed).

    The mixture hasn’t permanently straigthened my hair nor has it changed my curls but it helps my hair straighten better and it seems to help fight against humidity. My hair stays straight for two weeks and I sweat and work in the yard. I’m not sure often it can be used. I began using it as I transitioned, and now that I am 100% natural, it is the only way that I can get a good press at home.

    I tried freezing it, but it didn’t defrost well. I apply it to my hair early on Saturday and let it sit as I do my house work. I rest with water and a little shampoo and then rinse with conditioner. I let my hair air dry and then flat iron and wrap it up at night and when working in the yard or exercising.

  • would this work on hair that has never been relaxed or permed?— in othe words coarse

  • I would like to see someone before/after of this concoction. I would like to know that its not going to straighten my curls. I have been trying to find a way to soften/straighten my roots every 6 months and have not found anything so I keep going to a texturizer and leave it on for 2 minutes 🙁

  • I actually tried this on my hair last weekend and I have to say it is fantastic. I haven’t chemically relaxed my hair since just before Christmas time so my regrowth is very much apparent. I don’t want to relax it too often(chemically)because some parts of my hair have been over-processed and broken off. So when I came across this article I thought it was very interesting.

    I bought a whole coconut, made the milk and followed the rest of the ingredients and instructions as advised. I payed special attention to my regrowth aka the afro bits when applying it. Left it on for 3 hours with a plastic cap and washed it out (a VERY THOROUGH wash is suggested).

    At first, I didn’t notice any visual difference on any part of my hair, although it was incredibly soft to touch. Then I blow dried and straightened it out as I usually do after a relax and wash, then the effects became apparent to me.

    My regrowth parts were silky and easy to comb through and have remained straight despite this cold and wet weather us British are having at the moment(snowing heavily, wet and very cold).My roots(which are natural) haven’t reverted back to its ‘pepper grain’ form, which it always does once cold weather and water gets to it and I can actually notice that my hair has grown in the past week – no lies, truly, truly.

    I highly recommend it. I now plan to relax it chemically 3 times a year and do this natural method in between : )

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