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Texturizer for African American hair

Have you ever wondered what a texturizer for African American hair does? Do you know how to care for texturized hair? Would you like to try a texturizer, but do not understand how they work? This article explains several important things about texturizers; and will explain how to use them in your hair safely.

What Do Texturizers Do?

Texturizers work in the same way as chemical relaxers with a few minor differences. They are not as harsh or damaging to the hair, and they do not completely straighten hair as dramatically as chemical relaxers. Instead, texturizers loosen the natural curls in a person’s hair.

Who Can Use Texturizers?

If a person does not want to eliminate their natural curls, but would like their hair to be more manageable, texturizers would be a fantastic option for them. Both men and women can benefit from texturizers. However, they work best on short to medium length hair.

How Do Texturizers Work?

A person has about one hundred thousand hair follicles on their head, and each follicle creates a protein called keratin. Keratin contains amino acids, and one of the major amino acids that keratin generates is cysteine. Cysteine contains a disulfide bridge, which is what causes hair to grow curly and not straight. Texturizers use chemicals to break the hydrogen bond of the disulfide bridge, which changes the physical characteristic of each individual strand of hair, and loosens the curls.

Is It Safe To Use Texturizers?

When using a texturizer, it is crucial that you read the instructions carefully before applying. You should only leave it in as long as the package says to, and watch the time carefully to ensure you do not leave it in any longer. It is important to use a neutralizing shampoo to wash the chemicals out of your hair. This will help stop the chemical process and keep hair from becoming damaged. You should also use a good conditioner to keep hair hydrated and healthy.

How Can I Maintain The Texturized Look?

Remember that only the hair that is treated will look loosened. New hair will still grow in its natural form. You can re-apply texturizer to newly grown hair, but be careful not to apply the chemicals to hair that has already had texturizer applied. Doing so will cause the hair to become straight and the new hair to remain wavy. This will result in an un-even look, it is best to visit a stylist when touching up your roots.

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  • bo it is not possible because texturizers are more of a permanent solution. i wouldnt reapply another texturizer for about another 6 wks.

  • Hi I have about 3 inches of texturized hair with relaxed hair. I’ve come to terms with the fact that texturized hair is NOT for me. Can I use texturizer to match my ends?

  • Hi, thanks for this information. Very helpful! But I have a question: how long does the texturizer takes to leave your hair ? My main problem is my hair is natural, no perm nothing. I was looking for a method to lighten my hair without it being relaxed! The whole idea is to keep my natural hair without it being compromised with perm or permanent relaxer. I was told I could use a texturizer or a kiddies cream like ‘just for me’ etc. I’m a little bit confused which way to go because some are saying the ‘kiddies perm’ will give me a permanent perm just as a chemical relaxer would and the texturizer will not work because my hair is too long ( hair is about 14″ long). Can you help me please??? Thanks

  • Well, i am not an expert at anything… but i have read alot about the “Soft & Beautiful Just For Me Texture Softener”. Im really wanting to use it! I’m not sure about your length situation but, the reason people are saying there hair went straight is because they either left the texturizer in too long or the combed through there hair like you would a relaxer. When you comb through, those strands get pulled also, and that is why there hair got straight. If you want to get a straighter look, comb it through and leave it in longer, if you want the curl look like the JFM texture softener says it will, follow the directions EXACTLY or leave the texturizer in your hair just a little bit of time LESS. Remember, i am not an expert so look up some more about this topic. I hope i helped you a bit! 😉

  • I have locs now, but not working for me. I want to stay natural because it is easier, and I wear surgical cap all day at work and I work out 5 times a week. so for me to spend money getting perms and curled or even wrapped is a waste, plus my hair i starting to break off even with the locs. I was thinking about a texturizer, but I was wondering if I wanted to blow it out and do something straight one week, can that be done?, and will it look and lay like relaxed hair. I want to be able to have the versatility without worrying about my cap for work or my workouts ruining my style. got any info?

    Thank You

    April 4, 2013

  • I have texturized hair & I HATE,IT!!!!!!!! MY HAIR, LOOKS LIKE CRAP!!!! I can’t stand walking around with a wet head all day, I don’t like his it loosened my hair, I was 4 1/2 Years Natural before I texturized my hair. I hate my hair!!!!!!! I don’t want to cut it all off, so I’m going to keep getting the ends clipped every 6 months & keep my hair braided , clean & deep conditioned for a year straight. Then after a year wear it back natural. I don’t care really about the damage I just hate texturizers.

  • I used the Just For Me texturizer in my hair today. I have 4a/4b curls . I left it in for 10min. Then when i washed it out. MY HAIR WAS STRAIGHT. Does anybo know what i can do to get my curls back?!?!?!

  • You have to let your hair go back natural. What I would do is twist,braid and rod outs if you want to achieve back the curl pattern you had. Your hair probably wasn’t 4a/4b texture to begin with or if it was it was thin.

  • The same thing happened to me! If you find/found anything out please let me know. I have 3c/4a curls and I used texturizer to help with shrinkage and elongate my curls, but now the top layer of my hair is straight! I hate it honestly and it looks so damaged, I really want my curls back asap!

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