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Step by step black hairstyles: Caring For African Hair

Before you can follow step-by-step black hairstyles instructions, you must first know how to care for African hair correctly. African hair is perhaps the hardest type of tresses to tame. This type of hair can be fragile and impossible to comb through without damaging. However, managing African hair does not have to end in headache and disaster. It can be a lot of fun to style black hair when it has been properly cared for. In this article, you will find some wonderful tips to help you care for African hair.

When shampooing black hair, it is very important to use the right products. African hair is drier than other hair types, and some shampoos can actually hinder rather than help. You can choose the right shampoo by looking at its ingredients. When looking for shampoo for black hair, avoid ingredients such as sulfates, glycols, derivatives, and any others that end in the word cone such as silicones.

These ingredients take natural oils away from the hair, which is already in desperate need of additional moisture. Hair that is lacking moisture or oils will become fragile and this will result in breakage. You can research shampoos for African hair and decide which one will be best for you. You can also visit you local stylist and ask their opinion or advice on what shampoo and conditioned would be best suited for your hair.

When you have found a shampoo that works best for you, use it weekly. Many people recommend that African American people wash their hair less often than once a week. This is usually because shampooing African hair will strip it of its natural oils. However, you should wash your hair at least once a week to stimulate blood circulation, keep hair follicles open, and reduce hair buildup. So long as you have a good shampoo, it will not damage your hair to wash it this often.

Use conditioner and oil treatments at least weekly, and sometimes it may be needed more often. This will help keep hair moisturized, and will in turn keep it from breaking easily when brushed.

When brushing African hair, you should avoid any type of brush. Instead, combs are the best bet for keeping African hair healthy and intact. Brushes can cause hair to break more easily then a comb.  You can easily find a wide toothcomb at any store that sells hair care products.

Just remember to keep away from anything that will cause hair to dry out more than it already is. It might sound like a lot of hard work, but you will be surprised at how easily it will become daily routine.

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  • this some really good info because all i do is wear my natural hair an for some reason my hair started to fall out an it got a lil shorter lol and i caint stand it but i guess i know wats the best thing to do to grow it back now i think its tim for the BC!!!!

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