African American Dreadlock Hair Styles

If you want to get one of the African American dreadlock hair styles, you may have to see a professional hairdresser.  Even though these hair styles are a major part of traditional African culture, and often associated with the Rastafari Movement it is common all over the world.  Indeed, though, these styles may also often be attributed to an expression of spiritual or religious beliefs, ethnic pride, or even political alignment.  For the most part, though, most people appreciate them for their fashionable sensibilities.

Dreadlocks need to be executed by expert hands.  Although the basis of the technique is actually quite simple it is time consuming, which means that whoever performs these braids on your hair needs to have skill and endurance.  They also need to be aware of the many different methods—backcombing, twisting, weaving, etc—so as to know which one is appropriate for each client.

It is also important to have these hair styles done by a professional because African hair texture is thick and naturally wrinkly.  Accordingly, you need to know how to properly handle it.  Many people believe that these properties, which are very different from the silky and straight locks that your find on people of European descent, require special techniques, or at least a deep understanding of the intricacies of African hair.

You can section the hair in braids, twists, or coils.  You can use the same technique over the whole head of hair or you can switch them up and go for something more detailed.  You can use a method called dread perming, which is a more natural method of achieving that frizzy look than straight and silky must use artificial means to achieve.

Of course, once you have gotten your dreadlocks, how do you remove them?  While you can leave them in place for a month or so at a time, eventually you might want to change your look.  You will also need to take them out eventually too, for the sake of letting your hair breath and relax.  There are a couple of ways to get them out.  The easiest way to remove dreadlocks is to simply cut them out.  It is very easy and actually quite convenient because you can basically shave or buzz your head, which some consider a welcomed change.    Now, if you want to keep your locks, you can unravel them.  Just be sure to condition them well.

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