African American Hair Styles For Little Girls

There are many African American hair styles for little girls.  This is, in large part, due to the fact that little girls look adorable with elaborate hair styles.  They love to look nice and pretty and, of course, as a parent it is a proud moment when your children look cute!   As a mother, though, you are usually the first person who is able to teach your daughter about the wonders of hair styling.  However, with the proper instruction she’ll have a fine appreciation for the art form.
Indeed styling hair is an art form, particularly African American hair.  The intricate braiding that is common to African hairstyles dates back as far as 500 B.C.

Braids were commonly used not only to pull the hair out of your eyes, but also as a way to distinguish between tribes and families.
Of course, these days the detailed braid work is used more to distinguish personal style and character.  While the method and technique of making these braids is actually quite simple and is similar across the many styles you can create.  This can include cornrows, two strand twists, French braids, dookey braids, plat braids, invisible braids, micro braids, and other styles.  Each style has its own advantages and features.

When you braid your hair using any of these techniques, the biggest benefit is that you do not have to undo them for some time.  In fact, you can leave these braids in for weeks at a time!  This is especially good for little girls whose hair might constantly tangle, especially if she is a curious tot.  Anyone with young daughters knows how terrible it can be trying to untangle her hair.

Braiding is indeed a very simple technique.  You can teach it to anyone, even children, which is another reason why little girls like African American hair styles in particular.  For instance, they are very interactive.  Little girls love to practice braiding each other’s hair, or that of their dolls.  Once they have the motor skills and comprehensive ability, they will continue to braid everything they can find because it is easy, fun, and provides an immediate reward:  the satisfaction of accomplishing a task you set out to do.

Braiding is usually very good for African American hair because African American hair is kinky or wrinkly and not straight, like the hair of Europeans or Scandinavians.  Braiding allows you to control strands of hair a little better, which is why cornrows and other designs can be so elaborate.

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