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Little Girl Natural Hair Journey

Thirsty Roots Contributor Writer, Sdestra, tells us about her little girl’s natural hair journey to inform how she was able to nurture her hair to a head full of healthy long kinky curly strands. Read on and check out their video.

Hey All!

A lot of you are familiar with my daughter, MadiMel who has very coarse hair and the length of her hair is almost down to her waist for her current height.

For those of you who did not or do not know, I started my daughter, MadiMel’s natural hair journey at the end of 2007.  This was when my sister in law told me about Fotki, a photo sharing site, where so many women documented their hair journies and share information.  I became fascinated and fell in love with the idea of taking care of our own hairs since I was on my own healthy hair journey.  It also meant that I would be saving so much money in the process!  Prior to MadiMel’s proper hair care routine, I did so many things to her hair that probably would have made her scalp length right now.  We are talking about the use of Vaseline, tight rubberbands, hard brushed, bands with metal prongs, etc.  But I was left with was dryness and and damaged edges and ends. I was using Johnson & Johnson’s baby shampoo to wash her hair.

MadiMel was born with a full head of curls and over time they started becoming dry as her true texture starting coming through.  At first and prior the major hair care change, I was using Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Shampoo.  I changed her shampoo while looking at some of the natural sisters regimens on Fotki.  Added natural oils to her routine and moisturizers.  I started to incorporate healthier techniques….after a while, I noticed that her hair started flourished.   I rarely used the rubber bands, I learned a technique to comb her hair, I learned to cornrow and most importantly…I learned more about patience. I always say that if you have patience, you waste less time than if you rushed.
I felt that it was also important to start her healthy hair journey too since I was on my own.  As she grows and matures, she will in turn learn techniques until she cares for her hair completely on her own.  But for now, my stance is to let her see what I do with her hair so she can be armed with knowledge.

I will have future posts about her hair journey, techniques and styles!  Stay tuned for more of MadiMel beside myself of course!

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  • thank u for sharing…when i started my hair journey as i began to learn to take better care of my own hair i was able to pass those learnings down to my daughter and what a difference it has made for both of the hair tips for the little girls and beyond!! stay blessed

  • Hello Ms. Sdestra,

    Thank you for sharing your insight on your daughter’s hair Journey. I have a 2 year old daughter and I also used Johnson & Johnson. Until I noticed dryness and breakage. I have no skills when it comes to hair care. I have naturally curly, thin, fine hair. I hate to say it but I was disappointed when my daugther’s hair texture changed after she was born. I was saddened because I knew I would not be able to manage it. I do not know how to braid. I have friends who have daughters that I have asked to teach me. They always say they don’t have time and it’s so easy. I’m tired of paying other people to braid it. I am at tears because I feel so ignorant. I lost my mom to Breast Cancer and she was my everything. I wish I would of payed more attention and learned what she knew. Again I thank you for opening my eyes.


    Mrs. Simmons

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