Black Dreadlocks Styles

Dreadlocks are one of the most natural of black hairstyles.  That is because black hair, which is incredibly textured, is very good at being shaped and sculpted into holding styles that would slip out of finer Caucasian hair.  If you think that you  might be interested in putting dreads into your hair, you no longer have to worry about immediately being typecast as some pot smoking Rastafarian.  Both on the red carpet and in the board room dreadlocks are making a comeback.  That is because there are so many great black dreadlocks styles from which you can choose.

For instance, if you are a black woman, you can achieve any number of wonderful, sexy looks with dreadlocks.  If your dreads are really short, you can wear them in pixie style, like Halley Berry.  Take your dreads and twist them up into knots.  They curl the exposed ends around your finger to create a crazy cloud of hair that will show off your cheekbones and your eyes.  If your dreadlocks are medium on long in length, you can treat them the same way you would unstyled hair or microbraids.  Let your dreads hang free when you are relaxing.  You won’t even have to worry about combing them.  However, when heading to work or a night on the town, you can do a lot more with them.  For instance, you can create to twists, one of each side of your head.  Then gather up all your dreads into a ponytail at the back of your head.  You can do a French twist with your dreads, and bend the loose ends out at the top in any number of crazy angles.  Your possibilities are really endless.

Black men also have the option of wearing dreads for both casual and professional life.  Short dreads, about one or two inches long, can be treated just like unstyled hair.  They can combed back or, better yet, casually tousled to create a fun look.  Even if you want long dreads, as long as you pull them back, you should be fine in any environment.  When you originally get your dreads put in, make sure that you aren’t creating a discernable part.  Then, with just a simple rubber band, you can pull your dreads back into a classic pony tail, leaving your head with textured rows that would not be out of place anywhere.  Embrace the multitude of black dreadlocks styles and try one out today.

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  • I really enjoyed your site. I’m starting my second set of locks. I wore them for 9 years and its been 4 years since I’ve had them. Very nice to see how the nature of lock care continues to grow and inform.

  • Fantastic site! Loving the hairdo’s(granted some are too delicate looking for my daily life), black hair has always been & will forever be a universe an to itself. Personally I started my dreads in 2006(couldn’t do it in high school, they had a military approach to hair there) which is when I found out that some textures are so soft they need a second potting(I’m assuming this is not a term colocial to s.a, but I know I’m understood) it’s an exciting world to delve into, even required some changes in behaviour like giving up rugby or, humorously, sleeping mummy style facing the sealing(a ball of hair under your neck for 5hrs does a number on your neck) but I love my hair and I love this site. Kudos!

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