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texturizers for natural hair styles

Should you be using texturizers for natural hair styles or are you suppose to wear you hair exactly the way that GOD gave it to you? Well now that is a question that is asked and debated amongst women everyday in forums, on blogs and on Youtube.

Whenever I’m asked I simply reply that it’s your choice. One thing you have in this world that can never be taken away is FREE WILL!

I do go on to educate though when permitted. Texturizers are simply a mild version of the chemically enhanced relaxer that women usually get for straight hair. The purpose of getting the hair tex-laxed is to loosen the curls versus totally straightening them. Loosening the curl allows for more manipulation and in many cases, more manageability. In most cases you will still have your natural curl pattern but the follicles are much more loose and as tight as before.

Never forget that a texturizer still involves chemicals which can damage and burn the hair and scalp. There are many women who have great scalps and a head full healthy hair and they are relaxed but they are also educated. Always get as much information as you can about anything regarding your health or wealth.

That’s my opinion!

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  • I have found the texturizers to do more harm than good to my daughters hair!The first one did good but the second time it caused a lot of breakage and dryness. Which I’m still trying to repair!

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