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Best Relaxer for African American Hair

So what is the best relaxer for African American hair and why? Well this answer is extremely complicated ladies. There is not a runaway WINNER in brands that relax hair follicles of black women.

If you are choosing to permanently straighten your hair it’s imperative that you educate yourself on everything about the chemicals to properly select a product brand. It sounds like an oxymoron but there is a healthy way to apply relaxers and take care of your thirsty roots in their relaxed state.

Read on to get the information you need for the basics of relaxing hair.

Before the Relaxer:
You’re getting ready for a consultation with a stylist. What will a good stylist do during a consultation?
•    Examine your hair: A professional needs to know whether or not you currently have any chemicals in your hair, including color. Unless you’ve completely grown out a previous relaxer or dye, explain when you last applied chemicals. It’s great if you can remember the brand as well.
•    Perform a strand test: This may happen after the consultation, but a strand test is always a good idea. This way, you’ll know if you’re allergic to the chemicals (before they’re placed all over your head).
Once you make an appointment, it’s important that you don’t scratch or aggravate your scalp. Getting relaxer chemicals on open or irritated skin is sure to lead to burning. Don’t shampoo your hair for at least three days before you get it relaxed. On the day of your appointment, simply detangle your hair as much as possible without a lot of manipulation. VIA Del Sandeen


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