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I came across Tyra hair tips about black women wearing their “real” hair. I think its great tips, that Tyra points out. Black beauty should not be defined with weaves, wigs, and extensions. Just like I said before on the subject of black women and weaves, we should all try to rock our hair whether its permed or natural, our “thirsty roots” are beautiful. Tyra Banks expresses the same thoughts according to bvhairtalk.com:

Tyra Banks: “I feel like it’s my responsibility to redefine true beauty, so I’ve shown myself with no makeup and now I’m showing my real hair — and it’s all because I want more women to be proud of who they are…inside and out.”

Once again weaves, wigs, and extensions, to me, are great beauty enhancers, but I see them as a fashion statement, like a hat. When I want to change up my look for a season, they come in handy. But some women wear these enhancers as their own hair, all day everyday. They seem to can not live without their weave. I think we should try to change that way of living.

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  • I’m mixed with cuban and african american and I’ve had to get hair cuts just because I get HUGE knots in my hair so I have been getting chemical hair straighteners(perms) so that way all the knots will come out , but now I’m just tired of doing all that and it’s also killing my hair and just making it weak . I don’t want to use weave or wigs or anything like that , I just want my natural curly hair to be beautiful . If you have any tips I’ll be glad to hear them because I seriously need help !!!

  • Hello Juliana,
    We at “thirsty roots” appreciate your comment, you are the first person to comment. I just wanted to let you know I am not an expert on black hair, but I am here just like you trying to find solutions. I commend you on wanting to wear your natural curls. One tip I do have is to remember that black hair needs moisture (hence why we named the website “thirsty roots”). Because we have varied textures and hair types, I am not sure exactly what will work for you. But I did come across a product called Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding. I am actually going to try this for myself. You can try it to, or you can wait and I will let you know how the product performs for me. Be sure to tweet thirstyroots.com and share with your Facebook friends, so we all can come together to find answers for our hair needs.

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