hair weaves and black women

Let’s talk about hair weaves and black women. I am curious of what majority of black women think about putting weaves in our hair. Now I am not totally against it, but I do have some concerns.

My main concern is that I do not want our little girls to feel like they have to put weave in their hair in order to have long hair or even worst in order to be beautiful.

Another thing is, if your are going to wear extensions, please make sure it is put in your hair professionally. In other words, make sure your tracks are not showing, make sure you match your hair color, and take it out when it needs to be refreshed. Who agree with me?


Honestly, it would be nice for black women to learn how to manage and maintain our own hair and stop making everyone, but ourselves, rich in the black hair industry. It would be great one day to not depend on weaves, extensions, and wigs to feel beautiful. I know not all black women do, but the majority does, I like to wear my micro braids every now and again for a new look and to give myself a break on styling my own hair. So its just a thought, that’s just something I would like us to do.

What do you think?

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  • I agree with what you said about teaching our daughters about natural beauty. it’s up to the moms to do it. I recently decided to use weaves to transition from relaxed hair to natural because I don’t like short hair on myself. I always tell my daughters that I wear weaves to try different looks, not because I don’t feel like I’m beautifual without it. I also let them know how beautiful they are with their natural hair so they are not affected by what I do. Great article!

  • Thanks Keila, I just really feel we should express the love for our natural hair for our daughters. You do not have to wear natural hair, but love its beauty. As black women our self-esteem is weighed heavily on our hair, because for so many years our “naps” were considered a negative thing or should I say “bad hair”. “Good Hair” is “Healthy Hair”! https://thirstyroots.com/about/i-love-my-thirsty-roots

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