Two Strand Twists For Black Hair

Two Strand Twist for Black Hair

Stylist like to use Two Strand Twist For Black Hair when a person who’s hair they are working on is trying to make a transition to a more natural look with their hair. Two strand twist is a nice look that looks like it is in the middle of an Afro and braids. It is a simple look to pull off but is also a classy look if done correctly.

When a women is trying to decide if a more natural look will suit her the two strand twist can give her an idea of what a more natural look will look like. There is less of a commitment with this style too! This style of twist can also be Incorporated with a pony tail, small or big pretty curls, and even Mohawks. How far you take two strand twist is solely up to your imagination and the skill level of your hair stylist. Two strand twist are sometimes done using some type of hair extension used for braiding hair, human hair, or even yarn.


Two stand twist are done by a quick washing of the hair and while it is still wet using your favorite type of gel for hold. Keep in mind that the smaller the sections you select for your twisting the more two strand twist will be needed. After getting your part as neat as possible if you are using braiding extensions hair start plaiting from the root of the hair integrating your natural hair with the synthetic hair.


If you are only using your natural hair to create all you have to do is take two small strands of  hair and do your plaits from the root to the ends. The moisture and gel should keep the twist tightly in place but if they do look like they are going to unravel just try twisting your ends a little tighter. Always keep something handy that you can use to keep your hair moist.

Two strand twist for black hair no matter the length or grade of hair is both simple and creative. It’s a way to jazz up you hair style and add a new look to your hair library. It is a powerful natural look and a classy hair style all in one. If you do decide to go with the two strand twist do not be afraid to play with variations of different styles and even colors. Have fun with your hair do as many people will see it.

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  • Thank you much for taking time to put together this awesome site! It provides a wealth of information for those of us begining and mastering our very unique hair.
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  • I would love 2 have 2 strands but i have micorws rite now butt i swear once i take this down im getting 2 strands….! XD

  • This is a big help for me to keep my natural look a modern style since i am in school.thx

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