Tips on Styling Dreadlocks

There are many Tips on Styling Dreadlocks, but the main thing to remember is to be creative. Dreadlocks or dreads are naturally stylish in its on image. Styling tips could go a long way due to the flexibility of dreads. You can use ribbon, dread bands, barrettes, beads, charms, etc. to add some flare to your dreadlocks in many different ways.

Try pulling it up in a ponytail like bun. This style will give you a more defined sophisticated look. Also another elegant formal style could be twisting your dreads up into a crown like shape. These hairstyles could be worn casually also. Keep in mind, that by adding flowers or beads you can dress up this hair style for a wedding or any formal occasion.

Another way you could wear your dreadlocks, is in a Mohawk updo. Depending on how long they are you might have to braid, twist, or gather the hair into shape.

There are so many ways to wear your dreads. Just remember, be creative and do not be afraid to change drastically, like changing your hair color, curling your hair, or cutting it into the shape you want it. Just be you.

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