How Long Does Your Hair Have to Be for Cornrows

If you are wondering “How Long Does Your Hair Have to Be for Cornrows” then the answer lies in the hands your hairstylist. For cornrows, your hair can be long or short depending on the style. At minimum you hair has to be at a length that you can at least comb and part. There are some hair stylist out there who’s specialty is nothing but braiding. These hair stylist are use to doing small hair like micro braids so as long as they can have a fingertip or two to work with they can turn your hair into cornrows. How ever you have some people who do braids that may not have the skills of a professional hair stylist or may be just a little inexperienced and will need for your hair to be a length that they can comfortable grab.

If your are not that concern with the skills of the stylist but more worried about whether your cornrows will look good or not if you don’t have enough hair. Well take a breath and relax there is a solution for that. Stylist have been using hair extension and weaves to braids for decades. The right hair extension will  give your corn rows a thick, full look that you will be more than happy with. extension will also add the desired length to your braids as well.

So if you want cornrows now and do not want to wait for your hair to grow, feel free to do just that with just a little help along the way. If you decide to go with hair extension there are a couple of key factors to consider. What ever you choose for hair extension you should always make sure that the hair color and hair texture match yours. This is very important because if you decide to go with cornrows and add hair that is not the same color or texture of your natural hair it will make your cornrows look cheap and just thrown together.

Before wondering how long does your hair have to be for cornrows you should ask yourself if your hair can take the stress of cornrows. Cornrows done with a small amount of hair will require your hair being pulled tight. Overtime the pulling will cause your hair to actually be pulled out of you head if your hair isn’t strong enough to handle it. If you have any questions about the length and the health of your hair and is it ready for cornrow feel free to ask your hair stylist.

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  • Hi my hair is about 1 inch long and I have straight thick hair, how long does it have to be to get cornrows?

  • Some skilled hair braiders can catch your hair at 1 in long, but to make sure the cornrows do not slip out I would wait until your hair is maybe 1/2 in or 1 in longer. You could add hair extensions for a more sturdy braid.

  • my hair is about 2 and a half inches long and i have straight hair. is that long enough to get cornrows?

  • Lil tee, if you have a curly hair texture then you could probably receive braids/cornrows. BUT, if you have straight hair, then you need to be patient and wait 1 whole year until you MIGHT receive braids/cornrows.I hope you will receive your braids/cornrows soon!GOOD LUCK!!!

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