Braids Cornrows

A Twist On An Updo

Hair Stylist: Lucian Locs - Atlanta, GA - Thirsty Roots Community Page: - Accessories: Carisma Designs by TaJuanna (TMarie) Jones

This cornrows up bun hairstyle is elegant and chic. With a twist on an updo and bun, the added cornrows braided into a french roll in the back and a side front bun really gives the classic bun a creative spin.

This hairstyle can be done on any hair texture natural or relaxed. I also like that it can be formal worn at a fancy event, semi-formal at the office, or informal at a family cookout. This young lady is hairstyle ready!

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  • Thanks for posting this awesome style by Melanie Roseman. She’s an amazing natural stylist right here in Atlanta! Tweet me for info @Carisma_Designs!

  • This is gorgeous! I’m moving to LA and I’m looking to a salon that could do styles like this for me. My hair is getting beyond my control. 🙂 If you know any, please share.

  • Hello lovelies… wanted to stop by and say that I am the stylist that created this masterpiece! lol… check me out on here LucianLocs.. inbox me if you are interested in more information and check out some more of my hairstyles. Also My client is featured on this months cover!!! yay!

  • OMG this is natural beauty! I have ALOT of natural hair and most stylist here in TX is afraid to handle it. Wish i were u were just to see what majic you could work on my hair! Love it

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