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Okay so you have used the words men long dreads before but I bet you have not seen many males who have locs of this length. This well groomed gentlemen has been growing his hair out for 9 years. Yes, ladies he is stunting on us and in the words of Charlie Sheen he is “WINNING”!

I don’t ever want to hear anyone say that black men or women can’t grow their hair long…..EVER!!

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  • Can somebody please tell me how guys & girls get they’re locks to crinkle like that?…I want my locks to crinkle but I don’t know how.

  • Get them braided, cornrows or plats, u can spray some holding spray or not, when you take them out thats how they will look.

  • Hey i am a twenty year old young man thinking about starting his dreads. I have been doing alot of research and only want my dreads if i know they will look like these. I would greatly appreciate it if someone would tell me what i need to do to make sure my dreads look clean and as nice as these. The number of dreads that are in his hair would be something great to know as well

  • Hey what’s up my name is marcus,,,,,that’s me n the pic ,,,,,,just keep them up .I get them dun every 6 mths and I just retwist the front n between time,,,,,,and u can start them with twist

  • Yeah. I had my dreads done a while back and the first time, my stylist gave me a clean cut at the front of it with an edge up like yours. If its possible how can I cut it like this at home or do I have to have it done at a shop and ask for it by name?

  • i luv my dreads i b33n growin them 4 8mon. & d3y look lik3 they want grow nomor3 lol wat kan i do 2 mak3 3m grow faster

  • ok so i have been doing my boyfriends lock for almost 3 years now and i can get it like how yours look but with crinkles and clean but i am having issues trying to style them since they are so long, and ive also learned that jamaican mango and lime is really good for locks …smells great, but any ideas for some styles, maybe even up dos or good interview looks for long locks like urs, please reply on my facebook… http://www.facebook.com/laydie.m

  • Love the site. I’ve been growing my locs 7yrs.. I normally wear them down or in a ponytail, but now I wanna try more styles.. Any other sites loc styles for men?

  • I’m just starting my locks but what’s the best way to lock them completely faster?

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