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Hair Stylist Spotlight: Styles by Makia

Styles by Makia

Looking for fishtail braid hairstyles, funky retro victory roll updos, or a quickweave whipped to precision for black hair? When creativity and hair meets, you get art in motion, and Hair Stylist Makia gifted hands delivers. Below you will see hair designs that will inspire you for that next rock star hair do.


fishtail braid hairstyle


Braided updo

We had the opportunity to interview the talented Makia and ask her a few questions about what sparks these creations, her 10 year journey as a hair stylist, and more. Check out the pictures of her work below and her interview.


Two underbraids, invisible part / feathered

fishtail braid hairstyle shaved sides

fishtail braid hairstyle shaved sides

TR: How long have you been styling hair?

I’ve been styling hair for 10 years.

TR: Tell me about your professional background and career.

I started cosmetology school in 2003 at the age of 18. Post graduating, I received my cosmetology license in 2004. My first hair magazine feature (Midwest Black Hair Magazine)  was last year October 2012. After facing my fear of stage fright, I finally got the chance to get in a hair show in St. Louis, which I won 1st place in the “Pro-Battle” category.

TR: What is your specialty, as far has hairstyles?

My specialty, as far as hairstyles, would be updos.

TR: How do you come up with styling ideas; what inspires you?

When I come up with styling ideas, what inspires me sometimes is fashion. Sometimes I just let my mind take over. I do a lot of freestyle hairstyles. I let my hands do all the work.

TR: How long does it take to style one of your styles on average or a range of time?

On an average, a hairstyle may take me 45 minutes.

TR: What is the biggest challenge with caring for and styling different hair textures?

The biggest challenge with caring for and styling different hair textures are figuring out which products to use. For example, the rake style that I do, with some hair textures can make it a challenge. If the hair is too fine, I can’t use too much product or certain products.

TR: What hair care products do you recommend for styling and hair care?

The hair product I use for styling and hair care is Nairobi. I’m in love what their updo spritz and foaming wrap.

TR: Anything you would like to tell Thirsty Roots readers?

What I will like to tell Thirsty Roots readers is to ALWAYS have faith in yourself and your work, no matter what it is. Never let someone tell you what is or isn’t possible. Also, never feel like it’s ever too late to follow your dreams. There is no age limit on talent.

fishtail french roll retro

fishtail french roll retro

Fishtail bang with rakes short style

Fishtail bang with rakes short style


Get more information about Styles by Makia:




9601 West Main Street, Belleville, Illinois 62226

(618) 772-2536


french roll with curled bangs



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