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Hot Oil Treatment for Hair in Winter

Hot Oil Treatment for African American Hair

This comes from an Instagram post from beautiful mother Sdestra about her and her daughter MadiMel. She speaks of their hair during cold winter months. The pictures below reflect the results of what can be achieved with good hair care maintenance on your daughter’s hair.

During the colder season, MadiMel and I experience dry scalp. Although we cowash often and shampoo once a month (or as needed), the dry cold air still affects us.

So we have to do hot oil treatments often. For MadiMel, I do hot oil treatment with castor oil without sitting under the dryer.

I massaged her scalp with the warmed castor oil (especially the edges) and then on her hair ends. Covered with a plastic cap and then her satin hair bonnet. This stays on her hair overnight.

Then I’ll cow ash the next day (shampoo if needed). We used Thirsty Roots Apricot Castor Oil because she loves the smell of it.

Instagram – @sdestra





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