How to French Braid African American Hair Easily

african american french braiding

Learning how to french braid African American hair easily for a little girl could save you hundreds of dollars. Not to mention the amount of time you can save in general outings like church, school or grocery store visits. A really good french braided style can last for a solid week depending on how active your kid is…lol.

Along with low manipulation and an active protective style it also helps grow your child’s hair. By using a water based moisturizer while braiding and locking in that moisture with Thirsty Root’s Apricot Castor Oil the hair will be shiny and soft the entire week. Nothing is worse than putting a great hairstyle together only to see it dry out and frizz up one or two days later.

By learning you french braid hair quickly you can not only get more done with your daughter but you will be a proud momma as you do it.

Here is a tutorial from Youtubber Amasha

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