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There are few hairstyles in the world that are truly unisex.  Even those short boy cuts that are favored by the gamine actresses of Hollywood have been modified and softened into a more feminine silhouette.  However, dreadlocks cut across the gender gap.  In this case what is good for the goose is good for the gander.  Actually, many people think that dreadlocks actually are better for the gander than the goose.  That is, they look better on men than on women.  While this is debate, if you want to see just what a man can do with a full head of dreads, check out some male dreadlock hairstyle pictures and see what is what in the world of hair fashion today.

First of all, dreadlocks on a man can be either long or short.  Short dreadlocks are a great styling option, especially for a man that wants to look good but doesn’t want to spend any time on his hair.  In that case, he can make dreads that are about one or two inches long.  You can see pictures of this style on men of all ages.  It looks good on young boys who are still in elementary school.  It is definitely a non-nonsense style for active youngsters.  However, even as a boy ages, short dreads continue to look good.  They are essentially a compromise between a traditional Western hairstyle and more ethnic look.  A lot of times, one or two dreads will even hang over the man’s forehead like bangs.

Long dreadlocks have gotten a lot more publicity, especially in all of the pictures of Bob Marley that adorn t-shirts and wall hangings all around the world.  These dreadlocks are thick and slightly unkempt, but they can be a model for a longer dreadlock style that will look good on a number of people.  Long dreadlocks can either hang free or they can be gathered back in a ponytail.  If you’re into the great outdoors, dreadlocks and beard or goatee is a statement about the true passion in your life.  You can see many pictures of men wearing dreadlocks where it hardly looks as though they have done anything to their hair.

Male dreadlock hairstyle pictures can be found all over the internet and in fashion magazines.  Even though your hair might not yet be quite long enough, looking at this pictures can be inspiration for your future dreadlocks hairstyle.

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