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Men Dreadlocks Fitted Cap

One of the main ways to accessorize dreads for males is for men dreadlocks fitted cap styles to take place. Yup, throwing on a fresh fitted hat or a new snapback hat atop your locs can instantly enhance your appearance and pull that swag off to another level. Peep the pictures below for more ideas! These black men have been growing their dreadlocks for years!

Black Men Dreadlocks

Black Men dreadlocks

Black Men Dreadlocks

Black Men Dreads

Black Men Dreads

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  • i love a man with dreads.! all of these men look very handsome..im putting dreadlock extensions in my friends hair tomorow. wish me luck.! 🙂

  • I am very interested in locking my hair,but do not what to go through the short phase or the always- looking-shocked-look, and am interested in adding extensions. But the stylist that I have spoken to says that you can’t do this. She says that you cannot twist your own hair to length and then add hair. Is there anyone in the San Francisco Bay Area that is able to do this kind of locking?


  • M. Hill, you can add extensions to ur hair if that’s what u choose to do…I grew my own hair for 5 yrs and cut it one day out of anger….six months later, after growing my hair out again to about 2-3 inches, I found someone who was experienced in locking hair and adding extensions…my hair is beautiful now as it was then…its been 8 months, and people can’t tell I ever cut my hair…good luck in finding someone…maybe u should do a Google search to find someone who can do it…I do know the lady that did mine is in GA…if u want some more info, email me…

  • Oh, I forgot to tell u that the extensions added were my own hair that I had previously cut…

  • I grew my hair first for a year then started my dreads my problem is that i cant find a hat to fit.i was wearing a 7 3/4 hat already without the dreads so now i need to know where can i get fitted hat that’s about 8 3/8 to 8 1/2.all the hat stores and online sites didn’t have any or knew where i could get some…can anybody help?

  • this is hwaaat….wish mine had reached to dat extend…men u rock jst luk ya locks…..

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