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natural black curly hairstyles

A person can choose from several natural black curly hairstyles.  African hair has a natural beauty all of its own, and untreated hairstyles are a great way to highlight this beauty. The organic hairstyles in this article are great for people who want to display the attractiveness of their natural hair.

Afro: This is perhaps the best hairstyle for natural African hair, and the large rounded hairstyle is hard to miss! You can find instructions for this hairstyle online, or from your local solon. This style is great because it does not require a lot of maintenance. Simply use a pick comb to keep hair from matting. You should keep an extra careful eye on the side that you sleep on. Use moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to wash hair only when needed. You should also trim hair often to keep the styles rounded shape.

Natural Curls: Some African hair grows in curls that are not appropriate for afros. There are ways that you can fix this, but most people who have this problem choose to wear their hair in natural curls instead. This style works best with long hair, especially when cut and styled to fit your facial shape. You may need to trim hair regularly to keep it neat and tidy. Wash hair once a week and use a deep conditioner every two weeks. Apply a small amount of leave in conditioner and comb hair with a pick while it is still damp.

Fades: Many people believe that short hairstyles should be strictly for men. However, many women look fantastic sporting a short style. This style is very easy to maintain by visiting your stylist every two weeks to keep the style tidy and clean. Shampoo once a week, and apply oil daily to keep your hair strong and beautiful.

Dreadlocks: This might possibly be the most natural hairstyle a person can have. You can visit a salon to help you start your dreadlocks, or do it yourself at home. Dreadlocks are sections of hair that through manipulation become knotted ropes. This styles instruction for maintenance is the same as the other styles listed.   Wash hair once a week and moisturize will oils. Visit your stylist throughout the process to ensure they are forming correctly. Remember this hairstyle is not reversible once it is complete. The only way to remove dreads is to cut the hair off. This style can take up to two years to become fully developed.

Braids: There are hundreds of ways that you can have your African hair braided. You can easily find stylists that have trained in the art of braiding. A neat and tidy braided hairstyle is a great way to display your African hair while keeping it out of your way.

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  • Dreadlocks actually can be taken out depending on the way they were formed, the amount of time they’ve been in, and if the person has the time.

  • so many people say that you can’t undo dreads while others say you can that i’m confused. not sure i’d do anything that dramatic though.

  • hi uh im 14 n need a style for my hair it is short to bottom of the neck length n i need a hairdo im am african american n my hair has tiny corkscrew curls when wet but i have gelled n blow dried my hair till it wont hold a good braid for more than two wks n it wont keep a cold press because it frizzes up so what can i do with my hair???

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