medium length hairstyles for black women

Finding medium length hairstyles for black women does not have to be a challenge. You can chose from hundreds of styles available. Finding one that suits your facial shape, that can be tricky. This article will explain how you can choose the best medium hairstyle for you based on your face shape!

Knowing your facial shape can help you to pick the best hairstyle for you. If you are looking for hairstyles at home and want to determine your facial shape on your own, here is how you can do it yourself.

Measure your face across the top of your cheekbones, along your jawbone (widest point to widest point), across the widest point of your forehead (normally found halfway between your eyebrows and your hairline), and from the tip of your hairline to the bottom of your chin.

Oval: Your face is longer than it is wide, your cheekbones are the widest part of your face, and your forehead is broader then you chin. Luckily, almost any hairstyle works with an oval face. Also, avoid layers that will make your face look longer.

Round: Your face is as wide as it is long, this might be off ½ of an inch. When choosing a medium hairstyle, try to find one with height at the crown; this will give the impression of a narrower face. Avoid hair that is above chin length, layers that give fullness at the side of your face or straight cut bangs.

Heart: Your forehead will be wider than your jaw, and your cheekbones will probably be the widest part of your face. Your jaw may appear pointed. Medium hairstyles to look for include bobs, shags, and wispy bangs. Opt for styles that have width around the chin, this will make your chin look less narrow. Avoid hairstyles that give width to the upper face.

Square: Your forehead, jawbone, and cheekbones will be almost equal in width. Look for medium hairstyles with soft curls or waves and add wispy bangs. This will soften the square look of your face. Avoid styles that emphasize your square jaw line such as long straight hair, straight bobs, or blunt bangs.

Diamond: Your cheekbones will be wide, and your forehead and jaw line will be narrow, and may appear pointed.  Look for medium styles that add width at the chin. Look for hairstyles that you can tuck behind your ears, to show off your beautiful cheekbones. Avoid short hairstyles, or hairstyles without bangs. Also, avoid hairstyles that add width to the sides of your face, such as layered bobs.

These are the basic facial structures, there are many in between facial shapes as well. To find out more information on these other facial structures ask your local solon for help. They will be able to help you decide on the best hairstyle to suit your facial shape.

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  • Hi I am looking for a medidum layered style to get , i have a round face according to your imformation. I have three boys and i have a busy schedule so i need something a hairstyle that i will love and easy to maintain.Thanks

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