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nicki minaj hair weave

Do you think nicki minaj hair weave is ghetto? Or do you think that Nicki Minaj is fashion forward with her hair and choice of weave and wigs? I think she is trying to be different and create her own trendy image. Some may say she is copying what rapper Lil’ Kim did with her style and hair, but to me she has something different and it might be the hair. That full blunt bang is what I like about her hair, what do you think?

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  • She reminds me of J Sullivan in these pics. I dunno, I dislike and like her hair at the same time. It’s when her fringe (bangs) is too low when they are ON her eyes that I don’t like, but I think she needs to change up her hairstyle a bit more, like keep the 2 pink bits but have various styles and let the black hair and pink bits be her trade mark but not necessarily the pink bits and black hair and tight trousers and fringe and everything together, its getting a LITTle bit old now.

  • I love it when her hair is curly, I use to have my hair like her with the bang l pink track at thee back! I am a hufe nicki minaj fan…ily nicki minaj ; no fuccn homo 😉

  • I like Nicki Minaj and her style. She was much prettier when she came on to the celebrity scene to me. I guess being plain is not going to get you very far. Do your thing Nicki Minaj?

  • think you hair is an extenion of your personality.Nikki Manaji is just showing that she is not affraid to be different.i say that”you bad gurl”.and if her hair is ghetto then “be as ghetto as ghetto can be”.she is doing her well!

  • i love nicki but orange hair is not your
    style pink is the shit on you and i dont even like pink!

  • i just think they dont like wat nicki be doin with ha hair they just want the same thats all i love mii babii mama nicki minja

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