African American Prom Hairstyles

Prom is probably the biggest social night of your entire high school life.  Because of this, you want to make sure that you look great.  The first step to looking great is just to relax.  You are already naturally beautiful, you just need a few accessories to put yourself over the top.  You need the right dress, you need the right shoes, and you need the right hairstyles.  Don’t use prom as a reason to go out and get an expensive chemical treatment done on your hair.  Instead, use your current hairstyle and dress it up for your big night out.  Here are African American prom hairstyles for hair of any type.

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If you have natural hair, especially natural hair that is curly, don’t worry.  There are still many styles that you can do with your hair.  For starters, you might want relax it ever so slightly by using heat on the lowest level of your flat iron.  This won’t remove your curls, but it will make them a little looser and easier to manage.  Then gather your hair into a ponytail on the crown of your head and loosely pin your curls around the ponytail.  Use jeweled clips to add some sparkle to your style.  This is a very popular look on the red carpet these days.

A more traditional prom style is also a variation of a high bun.  However, you need bone straight hair to accomplish this one.  You pull your hair into a ponytail and then curl individual sections of the hair around the end of it.  Pin these curls into a bun and decorate with clips and flowers.  This style should hold its shape all night, but it is a rather stiff style.  Your date certainly won’t be able to run his fingers through your hair with this one.

If you have really short hair, don’t worry.  There are still a lot of cute prom options open to you.  You can use heat and product to make finger waves across the front of your hair.  This thirties throwback style is very elegant.  You can also twist your hair up into bantu knots and then decorate them with pearls or flowers.  No matter what African American prom hairstyles you choose, wear your hair with confidence.  After all, most people will be looking at your eyes and your smile rather than your hair on the big night.

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  • I have less than wavy hair, and when i try to curl it like that, the curls fall out by the end of the day. To keep them curled, I have to use an EXTENSIVE amount of hair spray! Does anyone know a solution!

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