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Akiyia’s Braids, Twists, and More

If you are in the Atlanta area and want to try a new hairstyle like Nubian twist braids, two strand twists, or some cornrows, make sure you look up experienced Braider Akiyia. She specialize in many creative braids and twists styles, but also sew in weaves and healthy hair styling. In her words:

I am a Experienced Braid Artist. I Specialize in a Variety of Twist; Kinky Twist, 2 Strand Twist, Nubian Twist, Fluffy Twist: Braids & so much More!!

Below you can view some of her work, also you can check her profile out in Thirsty Roots Community for more pics and styles.

Get more information about Akiyia’s Natural Twist and Hair Braiding:



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  • Congratulations Akiyia! You really deserve to be recognized. Keep working it Diva!

  • I am so proud of you! I’m thrilled you are being reconized for your hard and beautiful work! Congrads and keep reaching for the stars!

  • Love the hair styles. You are doing an excellent job and I commend you.
    Love you

    Aunt Cheryll

  • Akiyia – your styles are HOT Honey! I’m so proud of you! I love that Thirsty Roots attracts so much talent and then grants deserving stylists its platform to show-off the amazing things they can do…this is truly a beneficial network for those who LOVE HAIR (both styling it and learning about it)! You are definitely one of those many inspired hair-designers and totally worthy of this exposure! Keep up the Great Work Chic and continue to Be Blessed.

  • You go girl! I am very proud of you and I cannot wait to fly down to ATL to get my dred extensions done! Thanks Thirsty Roots!

  • Akiyia, this is really an educational segment and i did learn a thing or two. You answered some questions i had on braids because i’m thinking to get some and i love the different hairstyles you show.I’m so happy for you and wish you the best in all you want to achieve!

  • If I had hair I would have you do it!!!! KEEP IT UP THE SUPERFABULOUS WORK A’KIYIA!!!!!

  • A’kiyia talks hair and does hair! Thirsty roots recognize A’Kiyia’s talent and I am glad for it. I really like your methods and principles for the natural hair journey. You are helping natural sisters to see that natural hair is versatile, I thank you for that.

  • congrats Kiyia!!!!! I taught you well…j/p do the dang thang girl. Your styles and pics are FAB!!!

  • I am so proud of you following your dream you do a wonderful job and truly dedicated this interview was WONDERFUL!!!

  • Akiyia
    You rocked that interview in such a natural way. Very informative,may God continue to bless you in all you do!!!

  • My daughter, My daughter, I am so proud of you!!! When you set your mind in doing anything you always put your best in it. Your accomplishments are beyond mere words you are so professional and handle yourself very well whatever you put your hands to will always prosper so go as far as the Lord will take you. Be you and follow all your dreams!!! THANK You Thirsty Roots!!!

  • AKYIAH!! You are awesome!! Congrats girl, I know you have worked so hard and you deserve to be recognized 🙂 Go get em

  • Amazing! You knocked this one out the ball park!! I enjoyed the entire seven minute interview. Keep up the good work until the whole world knows that you were born to do this! Thanks Thirsty Roots!

  • Congrads!I am so happy for you:)
    I will be coming back soon to get my hair whipped up..

  • Hey Akiyia, i’m so proud of you for showing us that anythings possible. I remember the first time talking to you about the hair business and i’m shocked at the level you have taken it to. I know it’s not a easy journey but you are making alot of people beautiful and happy, keep doing what you doing. HUBBY

  • Reply Resend:
    Ooops…I meant to Say:)
    Thank you for all the NICE
    Sorry for the misspelled word:(
    Eveyone Take Care and Be Blessed…

  • Love her work and what she does to help other ladies feel and look beautiful, Congrats to you

  • Akiyia is very talented! She did my daughter’s twist and braid styles. The commute to her home from Powder Springs is a little over 30 minutes but she is well worth it! My daugter is gone for the summer, but she will be back for more head turining, not to tight styles. Congrats Akiyia…very nice interview!

  • Amazing do’s A’Kiyia! Very professional work. Thank you for letting people know about our delicate edges. I see so many little girls with pulled out edges. I was wondering if you do Havanna twists and do you know where I can order Havanna hair? Do you carry it? My hair is natural and almost platinum. I bleached it because I had gray patches here and there. The color looks great but I’d love to find some blonde Havanna hair. Havanna twists are sooooo beautiful. Keep up the good work and have a blessed week. Lisa

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